Sydney to Canberra Escape in Two Days

Sydney is one of the most amazing cities Down Under, and it is home to countless attractions you can enjoy every day, from Harbour Bridge to the Opera House. However, if you are living there every day, it can be somewhat tiresome. Even if you came to Sydney as a tourist and spent more than two weeks there; you could benefit from a two-day time-out. There are many cities, beaches, islands and other tourist attractions near Sydney that deserve a visit like Hunter Valley and Collin’s Beach. However you should definitely visit the country’s mini green capital – Canberra. If you haven’t been yet, here are a few tips for a two-day Canberra escape on how to get there and explore the city.

Canberra Escape

Canberra Escape for your Weekend Break

Book the accommodation on time

Canberra may not be the tourist hotspot as Sydney; but because it is the country’s capital, it does have many guests that come there for business and politics. If you want to find an accommodation that will suit your needs, both money and comfort wise, you should book a room a couple of days before your trip. The accommodation options vary from luxury hotels and apartments to hostels, rural properties, bed and breakfast, caravan parks and camping sites.

Hyatt Hotel Canberra. Canberra Escape

Getting there

The flying distance between Sydney and Canberra is 247 km. If you are planning on flying there, you will need about 55 minutes to land at the capital’s airport. There are about 20 or more flights going directly from Sydney to Canberra; so you’ll have no problem departing to your Canberra escape whenever you want. If however, you are more of a land traveller; you should know that driving distance between the two cities is about 287 km and that the average travel time is two and a half hours. Besides going by car, you can take a comfy bus from Sydney to Canberra; and you’ll save more money and be better rested when you get there.

Canberra bus at Parliament House. Canberra Escape

Eating and drinking in Canberra

Once you’re settled in your accommodation of choice it is time to explore Canberra’s sophisticated dining and bar scene. The diversity in price and style, as well as the healthy competition, will make this experience worthwhile. Some of the places that definitely deserve a visit are Pulp Kitchen, Barrio, Gusto, Italian and Sons, Da Rosario and Monster Kitchen and Bar. As for the drinking, you shouldn’t miss out on Parlour Wine Room and Hippo.

Canberra food. Canberra Escape

Visiting cultural and historical sites

Canberra is known for world-class galleries and museums. You should definitely see if it is worthy of that fame; by touring the permanent collections and current exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery of Australia. You should also check out the National Museum of Australia. Taking a tour of New and Old Parliament House is a must; but it would also be nice to pay your respects at the Australian War Memorial.

Australian War Memorial. Canberra Escape

Other things to see and do

If you are willing to distance yourself from the very city, then you could visit the countryside which is famous for small vineyards and great wines. One of the most fascinating relatively new tourist attractions in the very city is National Arboretum. This 250-hectare area hosting 100 fledgling forests from around the world, was planted to mark Canberra’s centenary in 2013. Taking a tour of the foreign embassies can also be interesting; especially if you are fond of distinct architectural styles. Other sites that are worth of paying a visit are National Bonsai and Penjing Collection, Nishi Gallery, National Zoo and Aquarium, Lake Burley Griffin, National Library of Australia, Questacon, Mount Ainslie Lookout, Australian National Botanic Gardens, Carillon Tower, Black Mountain Nature Park, Australian National University, and Royal Australian Mint.

Parliament House. Canberra Escape

As you see, Canberra is much more than a boring and purely bureaucratic city some Aussies like to think it is. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start your little weekend adventure in the heart of Australia.

Canberra Escape

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