Places that make trip to Armenia a lifetime experience

Europe is known to have in possession of some of the world’s beautiful countries. The continent is one of the most aspired by tourists and each of its countries receives a great number of tourists every fall. While a few places like London, Ireland, Spain, and Scotland are famous amongst tourist; a few countries fall into lesser known and less traveled places. But, this doesn’t state that they are anywhere less in terms of beauty or hospitality. One such country is Armenia. Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world with 3500 years of old history attached to it. The country was the very first nation to declare Christianity as its national religion. With ancient history, centuries-old traditions, warm hospitality, stunning landscapes, and many others, a trip to Armenia can be your next perfect holiday. 

trip to Armenia,Lake Sevan
Lake Sevan

Armenia may be a small nation in comparison to other European countries. But it boasts of many heavenly places that you must count on when you are visiting there. You can plan a holiday by visiting To put you on the ease with your research, we are sharing a small list of places that you must visit to make your trip to Armenia an experience of a lifetime.

Amazing Places to Visit during Your Trip to Armenia



The ancient city of Yerevan has to be the first in the list for so many reasons. The city serves as the capital for the country and is filled with architectural beauty in every corner. The city is associated with centuries-old history. Based on the inscriptions of Uratian King Arghisti, Yerevan was built back in 782 BC. The city is even older than Rome which is another ancient city in Europe. You must visit the city to experience what architectural beauty exactly looks like. Apart from this, make sure to enjoy your coffee at warm cafes, walks through beautiful parks, and soothing ambiance. Do not forget to make your visit to Republic Square.

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan, trip to Armenia,Medieval church,monastery,caucasus,peninsula
Medieval church on Lake Sevan

Some 66 kilometers from Yerevan, a very famous and gorgeous town of Armenia is located, Sevan. Sevan is mainly famous because of Lake Sevan, and it is equally famous for locals and tourists. The lake is also the highest lake in the world and at times, it seems like the water is about to touch the skyline. Now just imagine how beautiful and out of the world the view would be. The Lake has been awarded the epithet “the pearl of Armenian Nature.”  You can also plan a BBQ session by sitting at the lake or go cruising while enjoying the stunning view. The nearby restaurants serve amazing fish dishes, so make sure to try those.


trip to Armenia, Karahunj, sisian,southern armenia,stone, Zorats Karer
Zorats Karer – View of the Karahunj site near Sisian, Southern Armenia: Photo on Wikipedia by Baykar Sepoyan / CC BY-SA 4.0

Now, it is the time to move on to explore some historical sites of the ancient country. Set 200 km from the capital city is the region of Syunik. The place is famous for housing one of the world’s oldest megalithic sites which are known as “Karahunj” or “Zorats Karer.” The site is set on the plateau at an elevation of 1,770 m. It has more than 200 stones, each having a hole of 5cm. The construction of this site is still a mystery to scientists; and its origin too cannot be traced. But, the most common version of its establishment dates back to 6th century BC and it is believed that the site was used as an observatory to watch the stars.

There are many such places in Armenia that must be explored to understand the real essence of its ancient history.

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