Is an ‘off the Beaten Track’ Holiday suitable for you?

When it comes to travelling, there are multiple options available to modern-day consumers. This not only applies to the destinations that you choose to visit in this ever expanding world of ours, but also the ways in which you see everything that a specific country has to offer.

One of the most popular methods of travelling is backpacking, primarily because it is cheap, accessible and relatively easy to plan. This type of ‘off the beaten track’ holiday is not for everyone, however, so you will need to think carefully before making a commitment.

Is an ‘off the Beaten Track’ Holiday suitable for you?

Travelling Off the Beaten Track: Black and White Ruffed Lemur, Madagascar
Black and White Ruffed Lemur, Madagascar

With this in mind, here are three key factors to consider before booking a rustic holiday off the beaten track: –

Is travelling off the beaten track for you?

Are you Adaptable?

If your travel tastes are usually more staid and predictable, journeying off the beaten track can pose quite a challenge. Companies such as Round the World Experts offer multiple trips of this type, although every single one is to unique and exotic locations in the Pacific, Africa and Southern America. These regions are renowned for their remote nature, oppressive climates and diverse terrain, so you must be able to adapt quickly and prepare for multiple challenges.

What type of Holiday do you enjoy?

Travelling Off the Beaten Track: Bagpacking

Locations such as Madagascar are popular among adventure travellers, as its unique combination of magical landscape and unusual marine life offers something for everyone to enjoy. It can be difficult to traverse the location, however, meaning that it is only ideal for those with a penchant for exploring locations that are off the beaten track. If you are more comfortable with the idea of relaxing during a beach holiday or enjoying structured tours of famous landmarks, you may need to consider an alternative destination and mode of travel.

The Importance of safety and Security

Each destination in the world is unique, particularly with regards to its prevailing culture and social values. Some of the worlds’ most beautiful locations are also plagued by social and political issues, making it almost impossible for tourists to traverse the land freely and with genuine peace of mind. You must factor these considerations in when planning your holiday, especially if you have a preferred destination in mind that you would like to see. If the location in question has significant security concerns, you may need to choose an alternative method of travel or compromise on your plans.

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