Travelling for an Exotic Andaman Islands Honeymoon

Ancient tribes, gorgeous corals, magnificent rainforests, stunning beaches and clear turquoise waters in India can be found on the Andaman Islands in India. Ideal for an Andaman islands honeymoon, this is truly a tropical paradise that features an archipelago of islands off the Indian coast in the Bay of Bengal. The variety of flora and fauna cover guarantees that the serenity of Andaman is perfect for a honeymoon.

Exotic Andaman Islands Honeymoon Destination

Andaman Nicobar Tour Package- Several Options

With some research, you can discover the quaint and less commercial Andaman Islands. From Barren to Long Island, the options are endless. Andaman provides a wonderful destination for you and your spouse to relish each other’s company while surrounded by nature. The natural island setting is an exquisite backdrop for a romantic and picturesque honeymoon.

Newlyweds can delve into the mesmerizing and charmingly beautiful setup that turns dreams of paradise into reality. Enjoy watching the skies as they merge with the ocean while you relax and cherish each moment of your trip.

Adventurous Water Sports

Havelock Andaman Island, Andaman islands honeymoon
Havelock Andaman island beach India sea ocean

If you are interested in water activities, snorkelling and scuba diving are among the activities that you can indulge in while on the Andaman Islands. Varieties of marine life and coral reefs fill the Bay of Bengal. You can also enjoy activities such as island camping and kayaking.

  • Snorkelling is an amazing way to view colourful corals in the crystal clear waters. Elephant Beach is one of the places in Havelock Island that is known for snorkelling. Find out more about the Andaman Nicobar tour package here.
  • For an up close and personal look at aquatic life, try seabed walking with your soulmate. A stroll underwater gives you the chance to watch colourful marine animals moving around you.
  • Other activities worth exploring include sport fishing, paragliding and jet skiing.
Andaman islands honeymoon, fish

Natural Beauty

Andaman is not only popular for clean beaches and pristine islands but nature’s abundance as well. Boat rides to Baratang Island introduce you to wondrous mud volcanoes and limestone caves. Adventurous couples can sneak into dark and dense caves. Andaman Islands let you visit different exotic forests and explore numerous mysterious islands. Andaman is spellbindingly beautiful when you are sharing the experience with your loved one.

Havelock,Beaches. India,Andaman islands honeymoon
Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Photo Credit: Dr. K. Vedhagiri / CC BY-SA 3.0

Delicious Coastal Flavors

For couples that enjoy indulging in delicious food, Andaman is an excellent choice for foodies. You will find an extensive mix of cuisines and flavours in Andaman. You can treat yourself to an abundance of fresh seafood at local eateries and international restaurants. Vegetarians can enjoy delicacies at several well-known eateries that serve a variety of options for non-meat eaters.


Regarded as home to the top fine beaches within the Asian region, travellers have plenty to look forward to. Filled with sandy white beaches, fruit trees and tropical forests, enjoying the best of nature in Andaman is a delightful experience for couples. There are numerous resorts for accommodation with well-equipped and comfortable cottages to keep you and your loved one happy throughout your stay.

There are several reasons to choose Andaman as your honeymoon destination. You can celebrate the love that you share in the midst of the natural beauty in Andaman. Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with your spouse in your arms.

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