Cheap Ways to Travel Across Australia while studying abroad

You know what they say: “If travelling was free, you would never see me again”! It is in human nature to explore, and why wouldn’t you start as early as you can? Travelling cheap while studying abroad is actually the perfect way for you to see some parts of the world which, in normal circumstances, you wouldn’t remember to visit, ever. For example, if you want to study in Australia (and God knows how big Australia is) and you have to choose between Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Canberra, which city would you pick? Why not all of them? If you plan your trip well, you’ll be able to travel across the entire continent and see everything you ever wanted to see.

Travelling Cheap in Australia while studying: Reflections in Darling Harbour Sydney nSW, Australia, Centrepoint
Reflections in Darling Harbour

Travelling Cheap In Australia While Studying

Things you need to do and know before studying abroad

The first – and the main – thing you should pay attention to is applying for scholarship. This way, you will always have a few hundred (or even several thousand) dollars on your budget. With this you will easily be able to travel wherever you like – as long as you can find some proof that your trip was education-oriented. A lot of student travel sites are offering scholarships to fund trips. Next, you need to do a lot of research before applying to something like this: you are on your own, very far from home, the more you know – the better. You need to have some idea of how much you will pay for the flight, the rooms and the food. Track travel trends by signing up for travel newsletter sites so you can grab the best deals on time. Be flexible and plan your every trip. Now, Australia has a lot of advantages in regard to other countries when it comes to travelling cheap while studying there. First, studying here doesn’t require learning a new language. Second, Australia has some of the most beautiful natural wonders and animal species in the world just waiting to be explored. Next, since Australia is endowed with many different cultures and mixtures (Aboriginal, Dutch, English), studying here is really going to be an exciting experience. Also, Aussies are really laid-back and friendly people, so it is inevitable that you will meet a lot of new people and experience a lot of new adventures.

Travelling Cheap in Australia while studying: Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland
Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland

Documentation that you will need

As a part of your application, you will be asked to provide the supporting documentation. Usually, these are the documents that need to be provided:

  • Passport photos for identification
  • Statement of purpose
  • CV/resume
  • Letters of recommendation or academic references
  • Certificate and transcripts of your education
  • TOEFL/IELTS certificate
  • Admissions test results

Also, if you are coming to Australia to study, you will need to have an Australian student visa. The DIBP will need a proof that you meet the Australian student visa requirements: Genuine student requirement, GTE requirement, financial requirement, English proficiency requirement, health and character requirements.

Travelling Cheap in Australia while studying: Sydney Skyline
Sydney Skyline

Travelling Cheap 101

First, you need to know what are the things you are interested in. If it’s nature, then a city in north part of Australia is the perfect base, since the Daintree rainforest and the Great Barrier reef are located there. If you are a city type, choose Sydney or Melbourne. Wherever you stay, you won’t regret it – Australia is an amazing country. Now, there’s actually another beautiful thing called: student discounts. Almost every country has them. Whether you are visiting a museum, park, historical site or a natural reserve, the price that you will have to pay will be far lower than the one for the regular tourists and visitors. Basically, everything is cheaper for you. Consider purchasing an international student identity card which is recognized in 120 countries and guarantees a wide variety of discounts. Also, consider traveling with friends. Not only will you be splitting the costs of accommodation, but you will also save a lot by booking group travels if there are 10 – or more – of you. Not to mention that it will be a lot more fun than travelling alone.  

Travelling Cheap in Australia while studying: Inside Sydney Opera House
Inside Sydney Opera House


If your university has an available campus accommodation, you will be able to stay there, if not, you will have to find accommodation yourself. Do your research before signing anything. Be wary – check the local tax laws, find the information about the bills etc. If your university is in Queensland, there are a lot of beautiful and modern Student Accommodations in Brisbane, and there are also some in Sydney and Melbourne.

Travelling Cheap in Australia while studying: Melbourne Skyline Victoria, Australia
Melbourne Skyline

That would basically be it. We hope you have a great school year and a safe trip. For any further questions regarding travelling cheap feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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