Prepare for Traveling around the World: A Simple Guide

Traveling around the world for an entire year can be both exciting and terrifying. When your travels come to an end; there’s no doubt that who you are and your perceptions on the world will be totally different from when you set out. By experiencing new cultures and seeing how other people around the world live; you begin to appreciate what is important in life and can apply your new learnings to life back home.

To enjoy such benefits, however, you must first prepare for your trip. When it comes to planning, everyone’s past experiences, budget and inclination are different. Because of this, there’s no one way to plan an around the world trip; but there are some things you can begin planning to help minimise stress.

Traveling around the World Preparation Tips

traveling around the world

Choosing your journey

The first thing you must decide upon is the route you’re going to take. The first thing you will realise is that the world is simply too big for you to see the entirety of it without being constantly on the move. Trying to see too much will wear you out and there’s no way you will enjoy traveling around the world in such a way.

Of course, how much you see will depend on how deep you want to explore your destinations, and how often you want to be on the move. It’s best to choose a region and focus on the countries within the area. Popular regions are South East Asia, Europe and Central and South America. Even with this process, you will probably have to be selective. A year might seem like a long time, but the world is a big place.

Once you have all the countries and cities you want to visit, you should decide upon a route and how you will get between each location. Most of the time you will be able to choose between air or ground travel. What you choose will be dependent on your budget, but traveling around the world by train is often the cheapest option and you will get to see a whole lot more compared to flying.

Research your options and find out what’s best for each section of your trip. It’s also a great idea not to lock everything in. Your plans can and will change and having freedom and flexibility will make your trip much better and save potential cancellation fees.

A note on accommodation

A similar approach can be taken with accommodation. One of the perks of traveling for a long time is that you can be flexible with your plans. Find yourself in a city you love and want to explore more? Or maybe you just want to chill out for a week, or you make a new friend who wants to check out Spain. Not pre-booking all your accommodation and travel means you get to decide exactly what you’re doing at every step of your journey.

Once again, this depends on your timeframe and budget, but with the internet and resources like Hostel World, it’s very easy to find accommodation at short notice.

Get the necessities sorted

While you should aim to leave your travel and accommodation options flexible; there are some things you need to ensure you have organised before you set off on your adventure:


It might seem super obvious but having your passport up to date is important. Most countries require you to have 6 months of validity on your passport. It is also essential to take good care of your passport.


Visas are crucial to your travels and you must know what’s required before you jet off anywhere. There’s different processes for different countries; but often a visa stamp is needed in your passport, that allows you to enter a country. Receiving a visa shouldn’t be a problem for most people but it’s worth understanding the process beforehand.


Travel insurance is very important. If you get sick or injured overseas it can be extremely costly, so having insurance to cover you overseas is imperative. Even with insurance, it’s wise to stay safe and sensible.


You might be on the other side of the world in holiday mode but that doesn’t mean you can’t be earning money. With the rise of the sharing economy it’s easier than ever to create a secondary, (almost) passive income.

Since you’re going to be in a different country, your room, house or garage is likely to be empty so we suggest you list your empty space on Spacer. People will rent it out to store things in, so you can earn some cash while travelling!


The last thing you have to organise before you leave is obviously what you’re taking. As you’re going to be away for a year; it can be tempting to pack anything and everything, who knows what you will need, right? Unfortunately, you will likely be moving around a lot, so it’s much more effective to pack light. Anything you find you desperately need, but don’t have can be purchased locally.

What you take will depend on the essentials you need, where you’re going and the size of your backpack. Essentially all you need is your passport and relevant documentation, it’s also wise to have a small medical kit. Of course, you need clothes and chargers and power adapters, the list could end up being massive, however there’s some comprehensive lists online.

A year of traveling around the world is a huge undertaking and is sure to change the way you perceive the world. There’s endless things you can do to prepare, but having your options open once you arrive can make your trip much more enjoyable. With this starting guide for traveling around the word, you are well on your way to taking the plunge! Now get planning and start saving!

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