Travel Safety: 8 Tech Items Not to Forget at Home

When you’re packing for an expedition of any kind, it’s important to keep your personal travel safety and vacation security needs in mind. This is especially true for solo travelers who need to be more aware of their surroundings in new environments. Thankfully technological advancements have arisen that make travel safety easier than ever.

Here are a few important tech travel safety items you should consider including in your packing list.

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Vacation Security personal alarms

The benefit of having a personal alarm is that it allows you to press it should you ever come across a dangerous situation. It will make a noise loud enough for those nearby to become startled and notice. They can then either assist you or call for help. Some alarms may just be silent and send a push notification to local authorities. Many smart-wear devices allow you to easily carry a convenient personal alarm with you anywhere.   

Luggage protection: Anti-theft cases & locks

An increasing travel safety concern is having personal information and, ultimately, an identity stolen. Identity thieves have gotten smarter, now needing nothing more than a simple swipe of your cards or personal devices using an electronic swiper. If they successfully scan your card they can easily make a duplicate of it and use it to make purchases or access your personal information. You can prevent these thieves with bags and cases that have RFID blocking technology built into them. This technology blocks the tiny electromagnetic fields that RFID chips give off by interfering with its waves to keep them enclosed within the case. Look for packages that say “RFID blocking” or “electromagnetically opaque.”

Portable Charger

While traveling, we’re all commonly on our mobile devices constantly. It’s easy for our batteries to drain as we use them for maps, restaurant/hotel recommendations, and much more. There are many situations in today’s world where we’d hate to be caught with a dead phone battery. That’s why it’s wise to carry a portable charger with you. You can purchase one that will need to be charged ahead of time. If you’ll be somewhere without electricity, there is an option for a solar-powered portable charger.

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Device protection software

One issue that occurs often, yet many travelers don’t remember to keep track of, is cyberattacks. Using public unsecured wireless networks whether in an airport, cafe, or hotel can put your devices in danger. Securing them with the proper software is important. With a mobile virtual private network, you can securely utilize these networks without fearing that a cybercriminal can access your session. This app will help protect you against malware and viruses, and will keep your personal data secure.

Bluetooth suitcase tracker

Recently, Bluetooth trackers have become popular gifts. They can be useful for a variety of situations and can make it easier to find lost devices. Consider purchasing one of these to place on a suitcase, backpack or keys that all seem to get lost on vacations. The best part is that they are easy to manage and view from an app on your phone.

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Tracking app

If you are planning to travel alone it is crucial that you notify someone of your travel plans. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, you should give someone a heads up on your timeline and whereabouts in case anything were to ever go wrong. To help make this travel safety process easier, there are apps and services that allow someone to follow along with your travel route via their mobile device.

Spiked drink detector

More than just for traveling purposes, this device is helping to save thousands from being drugged in bars and clubs. This detector checks your drink for drugs that have been placed in it. It’s as simple as taking a strip and placing it in the drink, then checking the results. It even conceals itself pretty well. However, it’s important to remember the basics such as never leaving a drink unattended and never taking a drink handed to you by a stranger.

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GPS tracker

If you will be going on a hike or climb of any kind during your trip, it’s easy to get lost. Having a GPS or compass handy can help guide you in the correct direction. These tools are now included as a feature on many watches and smart bands, so it’s more convenient than ever to have one on you at all times.

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