Travel Alone Together

Does the idea of solo holidaying fill you with excitement? Or fear? Or even a little bit of both?

Travel Alone Together

Escaping the 9-to-5 and exploring the world is something that the majority of us long to try on some level. But the idea of taking such a step alone is often overshadowed by fears of the unknown. However, with a bit of proper preparation, a little bit of courage and the right tools at your disposal, a solo holiday or longer trip can prove a deeply rewarding and invigorating experience.

Travel alone Together

Meeting new people as a solo traveller

The anonymity that comes with travelling alone can prove liberating, but it is also a great basis from which to build friendships. Meeting new people whilst travelling has one main advantage – you instantly have something in common, a talking point. Swapping stories and advice is the perfect way to get to know other adventurous souls, and can be the foundation of lifelong friendships.

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Solo travelling activities

Travelling or holidaying alone puts you in complete control of your schedule, and how you spend your time. This makes diving into activities and tours easier and a more spontaneous experience. Taking part in these organised excursions is also an excellent way to cross paths with people of similar interests. These interactions can be a form of company in the moment, or can last a lot longer.

Bloggers on solo travelling

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Staying safe whilst travelling solo

Checking out the reviews of where you choose to stay using sites like TripAdvisor and other travel forums is a great way to ensure you will have a safe place to rest your head whilst on the road alone. Keeping your valuable items safe is also of a greater concern when travelling solo – you are solely responsible for keeping an eye on your possessions at all times! Storing your vital documents in a DropBox file minimises the risk of you misplacing them, and little tips and tricks like hollowing out a lip-balm case to store your cash are invaluable.

Top solo travel apps

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