Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast: 5 Dishes to Try

Who doesn’t want a decent breakfast to start a good day, right? If you want more than the incredibly delicious street food in the night markets, the traditional Taiwanese breakfast is what you are looking for. Here are the five dishes to try..

1. Dan Bing(蛋餅)

In Taiwan, Dan Bing is a signature traditional Taiwanese breakfast, which is made with flour, water, egg and . . . nope, that’s all! A cup of coffee or tea, with a rich taste of egg melted in your mouth—that’s the best breakfast ever.

Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast
Dan Bing (Chinese Omelette): Photo masano512

2. Grilled Thick Toast (烤厚切吐司)

Boring and nothing special? Not at all. Taiwanese grilled toast is not the toast you are familiar with. People like to slice the white bread very thick and spread butter, honey or jam on top. In Taipei, most of the restaurants that mainly feature breakfast serve this item. It’s a perfect match with bubble milk tea if you have a sweet tooth, or just black tea otherwise.

Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast
Honey Sugar Toast: Photo loveenhouse

3. Cifan (粢飯)

Chineses and Taiwanese cuisines have a lot in common, such as flavours, tastes and cooking methods. Therefore, If you love Chinese cuisine you may have heard about Cifan, which originated in Shanghai, China. Cifan is a best-known traditional Taiwanese breakfast and a locals’ top favourite. Cifan comes wrapped with different ingredients, such as youtiao (fried breadstick), pork floss (fluffy dried meat), zha cai (pickled mustard plant stem), takuan (pickled daikon radish) and more.

Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast
Pork Cifan: Photo yon9_ch3n via Instagram

4. Rice Pudding (筒仔米糕)

Cake or sandwich with a latte sounds like a great combination. However, when in Taiwan you should do as the Taiwanese do. Rice is popular for Asians meals, especially for the elderly. Rice pudding is more like a small portion of glutinous rice, topped with different ingredients including minced pork, coriander and more.

Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast
Rice Cake with Braised Park: Photo ponponer1003

5. Rice Noodles(米苔目) 

Rice noodles is a traditional Taitung-style food, originating from Meizhou, China. In Taiwan, rice noodles is a simple dish, made with a secret sauce and offal. You should definitely put this on your bucket list.

Rice Noodles: Photo linaliu_0323

Taiwan is a food paradise and now is a great time to go on a vacation. But travel is more than just food and attractions. In the next article, I will introduce you the best places for art in Taiwan.

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