Having a Blast in Manly, NSW

Just over 10 miles from the Sydney’s central business district lies this beach-side suburb, named by Captain Arthur Phillip. Although it’s most renowned for its beaches, Manly also has a lot of other things to present, both to its residents and those touring Manly NSW for a day or more.

Top Things To Do While Touring Manly NSW

Manly Beach at Sunset Sydney NSW Australia. Touring Manly NSW
Manly Beach at Sunset: Photo on Flickr by Shadow-or-Light / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Let’s start with the best the nature can offer in this part of Australia. All the way from Queenscliff to South Steyne, there’s a long stretch of sandy beaches, followed by rock pools and more sandy beaches. What is interesting about them is that they’re lined with pine trees, which are symbolic of Manly.

Surfing on Manly Beach Sydney NSW Australia. Touring Manly NSW
Surfing on Manly Beach: Photo on Flickr by Ankur Gelati / CC BY-ND 2.0

Just a few years ago, a section between Freshwater Beach and Shelly Beach was officially named Manly Freshwater World Surfing Reserve, which testifies to the quality of surfing experience you may find here.

Twilight at Manly Harbour Sydney NSW Australia. Touring Manly NSW
Twilight at Manly Harbour: Photo on Flickr by Jeff Turner / CC BY 2.0


If you like sightseeing, Manly also has something to offer. For example, the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is not only a popular choice among students, but also those wishing to tie the knot. Australia’s most famous contemporary actress, Nicole Kidman, got married here.

Then there’s the Archbishop’s House, also known as the Cardinal’s Palace, which was meant to be a part of St Patrick’s Seminary and is an excellent example of the Victorian Gothic Revival style. Further away, in Raglan Street, you can find the Presbyterian Church, which was designed in the Romanesque style.

The Corso, Manly NSW Australia. Touring Manly NSW
The Corso, Manly: Photo on Flickr by Aidan / CC BY 2.0

Sport and recreation

Being a coastal suburb, it’s only natural for Manly to boast a ferry wharf, a swimming area, an aquarium, as well as many sailing and yacht clubs. There are also well-maintained bicycle lanes that you may wish to use while touring Manly NSW.

If you’re a fan of rugby, you can head down to Brookvale Oval, home of “Sea Eagles”, to enjoy a match of this extremely dynamic and demanding sport.

Manly Sunrise Sydney NSW Australia. Touring Manly NSW
Manly Sunrise: Photo on Flickr by Christopher Eden / CC BY 2.0


Apart from many bars and cafes offering live-music events, there’s also the Australia’s largest community-based jazz festival – the Manly International Jazz Festival. If you happen to be around in October, why not visit one of many stages offering free music performances in the afternoon.

Dancing at the Manly Jazz Festival, Sydney NSW Australia. Touring Manly NSW
Dancing at the Manly Jazz Festival: Photo on Flickr by Bernard Oh / CC BY-ND 2.0

Wining and dining

Australia is famous for having a cuisine that is a true reflection of the influences of various communities which have settled down under. Manly is no exception, since you’re bound to find something you like among many big or small restaurants along the Corso or in one of the side-streets.

Locals enjoy sampling food from all four corners of the world, but are likely to treat their own guests to a taste of something local. One of the most popular establishments is undoubtedly Manly’s renowned Whitewater Restaurant, famous – among other delicacies – for their dishes prepared with fresh seafood.

Manly shoreline. Touring Manly NSW
Manly shoreline: Photo on Flickr by Hector Garcia / CC BY-SA 2.0

7 Miles from nowhere and 1,000 miles from care’ was the slogan used by the Port Jackson & Manly Steamship Company in 1940 and some would say that not many things have changed around here. After all, there must be a good reason why thousands of people flock to touring Manly NSW for a day trip every weekend. Whether the reason is one of many great beaches, or the generally laid-back atmosphere is hard to say and it’s probably irrelevant.

Manly provides a perfect counterbalance to the posh Eastern suburbs and beaches. If you’re more interested in soaking up a relaxed, friendly atmosphere during your stay in Sydney, than you can’t go wrong. Hop on one of many ferries and you’ll be here in a heartbeat, while your worries and stress will be left behind.

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