The Loveliest Volcanos in the World

When superheated gases and molten magna burst through Earth’s brittle crust and fracture it, they leave telltale volcano lava domes behind. These obstruct further eruptions between the tectonic plates far beneath. Meanwhile the pressure continues to build inexorably until the stoppage explodes with the force of Krakatoa heard 3,000 miles / 4,800 kilometres away, that unleashed momentous tsunamis and registered on barographs right around the world. There is an awesome beauty about volcanos that belies the intrinsic threat within. Here are some of the top volcanoes in the world.

Top Volcanoes in the World: Mount Mayon
Mayon Volcano, Phillipines: Photo Darius Ypanto

Top Volcanoes in the World

I prefer volcanos after the eruption has subsided, the earth has cooled down and the animals and plants have returned to a place that will never be the same. I am in love with Ngorongoro in Tanzania, not just because it is the world’s largest crater, and herds of antelope stampede across it pursued by magnificent crater lions. When I gaze across it at sunrise, I realise that there are more important things than my puny existence, but that I matter all the same.

Top Volcanoes in the World: Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Mount Katmai in Alaska is a cold, uninhabited space where a 3.0 x 4.5 kilometre / 1.8 x 2.9 mile crater belies a violent birth scarcely a century ago. When it erupted, it forced the inhabitants of Kodak to take to their boats in terror. Nowadays it is almost picture perfect, although in 1919 the floor 240 meters / 800 feet below the current water level was still a boiling porridge of mud pots and geysers.

Top Volcanoes in the World: Mount Katmai Caldera
Mount Katmai Caldera, Alaska

The tiny island of Nea Kameni in Greece lies within the Santorini caldera on whose rim the quaint village of the same name perches. While not as elegantly endearing as its namesake, I think it arguably enjoys the most glorious setting of all my volcanos. Perhaps this is why so many cruise ships to the Greek islands stop here despite the arid nature of the place. We do live in a beautifully fragile world, and we should cherish it as we travel through.

Top Volcanoes in the World: Santorini Caldera
Santorini Caldera, Aegean Sea

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