The Best 7 UK Summer Travel Destinations

Princess Diana’s country is so beautiful. There are many who wish for the holiday in the UK. If you are also one among them, don’t miss the opportunity since summer is a great time to revel in the cultural attractions and culinary temptations of the UK. You may find it strange to go to a city, when everyone is gone to the coast. Here is the reason we suggest to plan your holidays in the following wonderful destinations in the United Kingdom.

Top UK Summer Destinations

1) Brighton

Best known for its nugget beach, dirty weekends and Palace Pier, Brighton is the best place to enjoy your summers. With beautiful beaches along lots of water fun, thriving music, more nightclubs, and theatre scene and a number of the best cocktail bars and restaurants are ample enough to keep your days busy and blissful.

Top UK Summer Destinations: Girls on Brighton Beach
Girls on Brighton Beach……..Stones!?

2) Leeds

Leeds in the UK is neat and a walk-able city to enjoy and explore the quintessential cosmopolitan life in the ancient style. The sleek and chic restaurants and the best bars tactically located in numbers allow you to shake a cocktail swizzle stick and relishing the taste of history and culture together at Royal Armories having a unique collection of arms and Armour, and cutting-edge theatre.

Top UK Summer Destinations: Keld on the Pennine Way north of Leeds in the Yorkshire Dales
Keld on the Pennine Way north of Leeds in the Yorkshire Dales: Photo Mick Knapton / CC 3.0

3) Liverpool

Liverpool is the cultural capital of Europe as it is the best place for spotting the dozens of art, theatre, music, sporting events and much more. As the city undergone for the major transformation, shopping, boutique hotel, and up market restaurants, etc are becoming the inviting characteristic of the city.

4) Bath

Bath has something for every type of traveler. It is the well preserved city of Britain and let tourists discover a stunning Georgian architecture the in Royal Crescent, Circus and Great Poultney Street. A delight for the leisure lover to revel into Spa that gives a fascinating insight into Roman times, Bath is a paradise for the foodies as well.

Top UK Summer Destinations: Bath Abbey and Busker
Bath Abbey and Busker: Photo Diliff / CC 2.5

5) Norwich

Norwich is Britain’s medieval city and claims to have more than 1,500 historic buildings in the core. Norwich is the paradise for the history buffs. Instead of history lovers, tourist also falls in love with the impressive cathedral and castle of the city. Shopping is another amazing activity in the city in the excellent open-air market full of numerous independent stores in the Lanes area.  Besides the attractions, it will also satisfy your taste buds with some great hotels and restaurants in the world.

Top UK Summer Destinations: Jarrolds the Store, London Street, Norwich
Jarrolds the Store, London Street, Norwich: Photo Tour Norfolk

6) Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands is a popular place in the UK among the adventure enthusiasts. With the wildlife parks, a mountain railway and outdoor adventure parks, one can indulge in a number of fun and thrill activities ranging from wires, climbing wall, quad biking, archery, gorge walking, kayaking, clay pigeon shooting, so on.

Top UK Summer Destinations: Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness
Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness: Photo Abigail Abroad

7) Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is a great place for the family break. Well-known to houses the UK’s only coastal national park, Pembrokeshire also has mesmerising beach, a dinosaur park, and more to enjoy within the city. Boat trips and much more events lure the travellers here from every nook and corner of the world.

Top UK Summer Destinations: Pembrokeshire Coast Path
Pembrokeshire Coast Path

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