Top Travel Souvenirs Family and Friends will Love!

One of the great things about traveling is you get to take home mementos. This is somewhat of a tradition for most people, especially with the common thought of not being able to travel there again. Some people are often clueless of what to get because of the wide variety of choices. Here is a list of top travel souvenirs to make a point to acquire as you travel the world.

Top Travel Souvenirs around the World

Venetian Mask

Top Travel Souvenirs around the World, Venetian Mask

Coming home from Italy, a great souvenir is a traditional Venetian mask. These shine in annual carnivals and are quite enchanting. The masks are traditionally made of leather, glass, or porcelain. Ca’Macana is one of the established mask making shops located in Venice. Its store is popular for authentic and handmade masks made in the same manner that Venetian artisans did over a thousand years ago.

Olive Oil

Top Travel Souvenirs around the World,olice oil

Olive oil is the Rolls-Royce of oils. Whenever you pass through Greece, be sure to take some home because it is the most famous place for virgin olive oil production. Most Greeks even use it in their recipes. The Kritsa Lassithi is the agricultural cooperative in Crete Island that makes the world famous olive oil.

Leather Fashion

Top Travel Souvenirs around the World,leather goods

If you ever visit Argentina, do not forget to pick up a pair of leather shoes, wallet or gloves. They are famous for these, so you must get one. Throughout the country, you will find numerous boutiques selling excellent quality leather goods.


Top Travel Souvenirs around the World,tea pot

China is popular for many things, one of which is tea. Purchase one of the painted tea or teapots to have the most fine-looking memento. Do not forget to get a tin of tea as well, so even while at home, you can enjoy China’s most popular product. Green, scented, oolong, and black teas are the best.

Limoges Boxes

Limoges box, top travel souvenirs
Small Limoges Box: Photo on Flickr by Sarah Ross / CC BY-NC 2.0

Produced in Limoges, France, these boxes are small, hinged porcelain trinket boxes. They are made of hard-paste porcelain, which adds to their appeal as one of the most collected souvenirs in the world. Making these Limoges boxes takes time and precision, as it includes very detailed work resulting in intricate designs. They generally serve as decorative pieces, but Limoges boxes serve a purpose and are functional art for storing prized possessions.


Top Travel Souvenirs around the World,lace

Never miss a chance to take home elegant Belgian laces while visiting Belgium. This country is home to the best tapestry and lace studios worldwide. These delicate laces are all handmade. This makes it very special. Find the best of the Belgian laces in Brussels or Bruges. Both of them are popular for intricate lace works.

Cadbury’s Chocolate

Cadbury milk chocolate. Top Travel Souvenirs around the World
Cadbury milk chocolate. Flickr: brett jordan / CC BY 2.0

Hershey Company enforced a ban on selling US imports of Cadbury’s Chocolate in the United States; instead selling there own high sugar imitation of cadbury’s under license. This makes real Cadbury’s chocolate a must have souvenir anytime you go to England. Most would even agree it is the best chocolate in the world, so be sure to take home one for your American family and friends. This will surely make them feel special.

Beer Stein

Top Travel Souvenirs around the World,beer steins

During German Oktoberfest, beer steins are available at most shops around the country. You can easily find authentic and handmade beer steins. Most beer steins are made of porcelain, stoneware, pewter, or glass. This is one of the top travel souvenirs when going to Germany, so be sure to take one home for yourself, as well.

Different travel souvenirs help people remember the memories they had in a specific place. Traveling has many perks, and shopping for unique trinkets is one of them. After all, everyone wants to take home a little something after a long, tiring, yet memorable travel experience.

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