Top Travel Ideas for 2019

Dig out your passport and fatten the bank account. It’s time to plan at least one fabulous trip for 2019. Deciding on a destination can be tough. To make it easier, we offer the following top travel ideas for 2019, divided into categories from best city to top cruises.

Waterside view of Copenhagen, top travel ideas for 2019
Boats and riverside cafes in Copenhagen

Best City: Copenhagen

First, visit the land of the Danes. It’s said they are the happiest people on the planet.

Architecture, fashion, food, and most importantly fun have brought a surge in popularity to Denmark’s capital city. You’ll love the old royal castles and charming canals. Central Copenhagen has fascinating historical buildings and lots of pedestrian shopping.

Beer bars have started their own breweries, and bartenders mix creative concoctions in the city’s boozy haunts. Foodies are raving about the talented chefs and their Nordic cuisine. Michelin star restaurants are popping up all around the city. Copenhagen’s playful spirit makes it one of our top travel ideas for 2019.

Shopkeeper in Sri Lanka with scales, top travel ideas for 2019
Shopkeeper in Sri Lanka

Best Country: Sri Lanka

This island nation has been going through lots of change in recent years. Thus, making its people and culture as travel-friendly as its natural beauty. After decades of civil conflict, the atmosphere is light-hearted and welcoming. Sri Lanka has already long been loved for its mix of cultures, religions and historic temples.

Unspoiled wildlife is still abundant here, and the surf scene is growing. Sri Lankans have been working hard to create fun family friendly activities. They accommodate travelers on a budget including eco-tourists and wellness seekers. Dishes like sour fish curry and coconut relish will pleasantly surprise foodies. Areas to the north and the east, which were previously off-limits, offer new discoveries.

Vineyard in Italy's Piedmont region, top travel ideas for 2019
Chianti vines in Piedmont, Tuscany

Best Region: Piedmont, Italy

This mountainous region in Italy’s northwest corner is a traveler’s paradise with Italy’s best most popular lakes. Italy’s Piedmont region is also popular for its palaces, vineyards and food. Early fall is a good time to visit. The temperature stays steady at around 70 degrees.

Sniff out some of the famed white truffles and sip a rich Moscato at an autumn festival. Turin is the region’s largest city and has several museums, palaces, and other landmarks of interest. People seek out the nearby towns of Alba and Asti for their exquisite gastronomic offerings in traditional trattorias.

Cruise ship on the water in Glacier Bay, Alaska with snowy mountains, top travel ideas for 2019
Cruse ship in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Best Cruise: Alaska

If you love fun and inclusive travel packages at sea, add a cruise is one of your top travel ideas for 2019. For the very best in scenic beauty, consider an Alaska cruise. The sight of the huge ice formations of Glacier Bay and Icy Strait will thrill you as you sail along the Inside Passage.

You’ll dock at some impressive ports such as Skagway, Ketchikan and Juneau, the only U.S. state capital inaccessible by car. Go further north to the Kenai Peninsula for tours of Denali, Fairbanks, and Canada’s Yukon. Find the best Alaska cruise from Radiance of the Seas, Carnival legend, or Disney Wonder.

Road through the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, top travel ideas for 2019
Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina

Best Value: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing scenic beauty and outdoor fun. There are no entrance or parking fees at this popular national park on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, for example. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is beautiful in all seasons, even with the bare trees of winter.

There’s not much snow for most of the winter. Therefore, it’s perfect for those stunning winter hikes where you might get lucky and see a frozen waterfall. Wildlife, wildflowers, wooded trails, and scenic drives will make an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Make the most of the trip by taking advantage of the park’s extensive natural history exhibits and ranger-led programs.

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