Top Travel Destinations in North Africa

The world if full of magical places to visit, making it incredibly hard to choose just one to visit at a time. But, if you fancy visiting North Africa – which is a treasure trove of amazing sights, culture and cities to explore – and have the time to travel to a few places, you should! In this article we look at three of the most popular cities you can choose from, include a short description of what you can do while you’re there and why it should be on your list of cities to visit in North Africa.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Top Travel Destinations in North Africa: Quad Bikes at Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort, Morocco
Quad Bikes at Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort, Morocco

Marrakesh is the hub of tourism and culture in Morocco, and gives you a real taste of the region as it offers visitors a chance to barter at the largest souk in Morocco. But that’s not all, visitors can spend their time site seeing and learning about the majestic monuments in Marrakesh, admire the amazing architecture or relax in one of the many gardens and courtyards. If you’re looking for some adventure, most hotels and luxury beach resorts offer day trips to the Sahara Desert as well as treks and tours through the vast stretch of sand.

Cairo, Egypt

Top Travel Destinations in North Africa: Shopping at Khan El Khalili, Cairo
Shopping at Khan El Khalili, Cairo: Photo on Flickr by Alessio Milan / CC BY-SA 2.0

The capital of Egypt, Cairo provides visitors with everything they could ever want while on holiday. Think shopping malls, traditional stalls, rustic rooms that can be rented out, luxury five star hotels and delicious food from both food stands, amazing restaurants and some of the most incredible monuments – including the Pyramids of Giza – you will ever encounter. With something to cater to each and every taste, this city should be the number one stop on your list of places to visit in North Africa.

Tunis, Tunisia

Top Travel Destinations in North Africa: Djerba, Tunisia
Djerba, Tunisia: Photo on Flickr by alex and mac / CC-BY-SA-2.0

The capital of Tunisia, Tunis has had an exciting history – with armies who have fought over the city and it’s been a retreat for pirates and has been bombarded by the British Navy – all of which makes this city an exciting, cultural and educational place to visit while on holiday. While in Tunis, visitors can experience everything from cruises to Moorish Treks, with an adventure to suit single travellers, couples and even families. Tunis is not the only tourist attraction in Tunisia, many Star Wars fanboys flock to different locations that actually exists in Tunisia and all around the world, to find the famous film locations.

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