8 Essential Travel Experiences in Europe

To continue with the theme of essential travel experiences, I would like to discuss some of the greatest travel experiences in Europe. Europe is an extremely diverse place and the following list of essential travel experiences is by no means exhaustive, but  will give you a proper basis from where to start planning your visit to the old continent.

8 Top Things to Do in Europe

Enjoy Chocolate and Beer in Belgium

Belgium is the country of great food and excellent beer. When visiting, make sure to try food like waffles, frites and chocolate. A visit to a brown bar afterwards is mandatory. Enjoy one of hundreds of different beers, from the popular pilsner beers to world-renowned abbey beers.

Top Things to Do in Europe: Belgian Waffle
Belgian waffle

Take a Canal Tour in Amsterdam

The canals of Amsterdam are renowned around the world, lined with typically Dutch row houses, trees and railings against which lean dozens of bikes. There are many things to do in Amsterdam, but an essential one is taking a boat tour through the canals.

Top Things to Do in Europe: Canal in Amsterdam
Canal in Amsterdam

Visit an Art Museum

Many of the world’s best museums are found in Europe. The Louvre, the Hermitage, the Uffizi Gallery and the Prado Museum, for instance, are magnificent. Every European country has at least one museum that worth your time.

Top Things to Do in Europe: The Louvre
The Louvre, Paris

Drink Wine and Eat Cheese in France

Nothing is quite as enjoyable as having a glass of French wine and sampling a platter of French cheeses. Sampling local foods in France—it’s no secret that French cuisine is world-class—is without a doubt one of the essential travel experiences in Europe that you should have.

Top Things to Do in Europe: Market in France
Market in France

Party in Berlin

Germany’s capital is home to the greatest parties and top nightclubs on the continent. Additionally, Berlin has, of course, a lot of historic and cultural highlights.

Top Things to Do in Europe: Reichstag in Berlin

See the Fjords of Norway

Although there are hundreds of fjords on the coast of Norway, the fjords in western Norway, a region known as Fjord Norway, stand out from the rest. Sights of the Geirangerfjord, Sognefjord and Lysefjord will blow you off your socks.

Top Things to Do in Europe: Geirangerfjord

Spend a Night in an Irish Pub

The atmosphere of an Irish pub is unique, always lively with chatter and trad music, the clinking of glasses and bursts of laughter. A visit to a pub in rural Ireland is essential to any visit to Ireland.

Top Things to Do in Europe: Pub in Dublin
Pub in Dublin

Visit a Castle or Palace

Europe is dotted with feudal castles and royal palaces, from Germany’s fairy-tale-like Neuschwanstein Castle to Kilkenny Castle in Ireland. There are thousands of them and, once, they all played their part in Europe’s long and rich history.

Top Things to Do in Europe: Gravensteen Castle
Gravensteen Castle, Ghent, Belgium

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