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Being an ever-hungry foodie and up-for-anything traveller, I love nothing more than combining my two passions by indulging in the local street food whilst abroad. And although each individual city undoubtedly has its own delicious creation which deserves a mention in this post, these are my four top street foods which you simply can’t miss out on if you’re lucky enough to travel to the destinations listed below.

Top Street Foods and Where to Find Them

Top Street Foods: Pad Thai in Thailand
Pad Thai in Thailand via Flickr, Luca / CC 2.0

Where: Bangkok, Thailand

What: Pad Thai

The first in our list of top street foods is Pad Thai. It’s almost impossible not to come across the infamous Pad Thai whilst travelling around Thailand. This delicious noodle-based dish is served everywhere for gourmet award-winning restaurants to run-down street shacks – both of which deliver equally amazing versions of the stuff. There isn’t really a traditional recipe for Pad Thai – chefs usually combine stir-fried noodles with whatever ingredients are currently in season – although spring onions, bean sprouts and crushed peanuts are usually always present.

Want to gorge on bowls of Pad Thai? Check out these Bangkok accommodation options and go for it.

Top Street Foods: Poutine in Canada
Poutine in Canada via Flickr, Patty / CC 2.0

Where: Quebec, Canada

What: Poutine

When travelling around Canada in winter, everyone needs something warm and comforting to fill them up – that’s where Poutine comes in. This hearty dish features a base of crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside French fries, smothered in a rich gravy-like sauce and sprinkled with gooey cheese curds. Although it does sound a little basic, the flavour and texture combinations are out of this world. You won’t find Poutine at any top end restaurant – you’ll need to pop into a greasy spoon-type café, canteen or road-side wagon to savour this speciality.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a plate of Poutine? Look into hiring a car in Canada and stop off at as many Poutine street sellers as you like during your travels.

Top Street Foods: Elotes in Mexico
Elotes in Mexico via Flickr, Roberto / CC 2.0

Where: Monterrey, Mexico

What: Elote

A Mexican Elote is the perfect example of how top street foods don’t have to be bad for you. This vegetarian delicacy is made up of corn on the cob which is grilled over an open flame until the individual corn kernels are blackened and wonderfully smoky. The cob is then rolled in a mixture of sour cream, melted butter, grated cotija cheese, lime juice, salt, chilli powder and fresh coriander. The result is a healthy snack with juicy, buttery corn kernels which pack an incredible punch when it comes to fiery spice, cooling citrus and smooth texture. You’ll find Elotes for sale from small street food carts, but they’re also regularly prepared at locals’ homes for snacks and dinner.

Top Street Foods: Assorted pizza in Italy
Assorted pizza in Italy via Flickr, Nala / CC 2.0

Where: Rome, Italy

What: Pizza

Forget about every other pizza you’ve ever had in your entire life, because any tiny café-style restaurant in Rome will beat it after one mind-blowing bite. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a slice of heaven in Italy – pizza is usually sold in individual rectangular slices and is priced according to the weight of the slice you pick. From slices of classic margherita pizza topped with woody rocket to must-try innovative pizza cones bursting with tomato sauce and molten cheese – whatever type of pizza you choose, you’ll never be disappointed. You’ll find affordable and incredible handmade pizzas in abundance throughout Rome from tiny pizzerias and cafes which look barely larger than a cupboard lining the city’s winding streets.

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