Photographic Impressions of Vermont

I’ve written more blog posts on Vermont than I can remember. I grew up in Belgium, but Vermont has become my second home. I’ve been living in this peaceful state in New England for almost one and a half years and I can’t get enough of it.

Vermont is a state of maple syrup, covered bridges, the Green Mountains, Lake Champlain, farmers’ markets, rolling farmlands, barns, white churches and, in fall, absolutely gorgeous fall foliage. It’s quintessential New England in a nutshell.

I can go on and on about how great it is to live (and travel) in Vermont, but I’ve said it all before. If you want more information, ideas and inspiration, I suggest that you take a look at the following ten blog posts:

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For more practical information, make sure to visit the website below:

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In this post, I would like to offer you the chance to see, instead of read, what Vermont looks like. The following comprehensive photo essay will hopefully awake your desire to visit this stunning small state in the American Northeast.


14 Top Photos of Vermont

Busy Church Street in Burlington

Top Photos of Vermont: Church Street in Burlington
Church Street in Burlington, Vermont

All Grades of Vermont Maple Syrup

Top Photos of Vermont: Vermont Maple Syrup
Different grades of Vermont maple syrup

Strafford Meeting House in Fall

Strafford Meeting House, Vermont, in Fall
Strafford Meeting House surrounded by fall foliage

Beautiful Round Barn

Top Photos of Vermont: Round Barn
Round barn in rural Vermont

Quechee Gorge at Dusk

Top Photos of Vermont: Quechee Gorge at Dusk
Quechee Gorge at dusk

Balloon Ride over a Snowy Vermont Landscape

Balloon Ride over a Snowy Vermont Landscape
Balloon ride over a snowy Vermont landscape

Maple Sugar House in Spring

Sugar House in Vermont
Sugar house in spring

The Lake Champlain Waterfront in Burlington

Lake Champlain Waterfront, Burlington
Boats on Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont

Gorgeous Farm in the Upper Valley

Top Photos of Vermont: Farm in the Upper Valley
Farm in the Upper Valley

Kayaks at Lake Fairlee

Top Photos of Vermont: Kayaks at Lake Fairlee
Kayaks at Lake Fairlee during sunset

Foster Covered Bridge in Cabot

Top Photos of Vermont: Foster Bridge in Cabot
Foster Bridge in Cabot, backed by the Green Mountains

Farm and Mountains in the Northeast Kingdom

Farm and Mountains in the Northeast Kingdom
Farm and mountains in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom

Vermont State House, Montpelier

Vermont State House
Vermont State House in Montpelier

Roadside Apple Stand

Roadside Apple Stand, Vermont
Roadside apple stand in fall

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