Traditional Cuisine To Try While Visiting Nepal

Nepal’s history and culture dates back centuries, it is very much entwined with it’s cuisine and social gatherings/festivals and celebrations. Today when celebrating a birth of a new baby, the traditional sacrifice of a goat still takes place to thank the gods and bless the baby. The goat is then eaten as part of the celebrations.

Most food is locally produced/reared and grown. The fish comes from lakes, rivers, ponds and rice fields of the Teiai region located in Southern Nepal. Don’t miss these top Nepal traditional dishes if you’re visiting the country.

Top Nepal Traditional Dishes to Try: Local caught Fish, Kathmandu ©MDHarding
Local caught Fish, Kathmandu ©MDHarding

Top Nepal Traditional Dishes to Try

Pakora or Pokhora?

After most long journey’s to another country I like to eat something I am familiar with and not too heavy. One of the popular dishes you can find around the world is the Pakora which although originated in India, Nepal has a different take on it, as I was delighted to see Pakhora on the hotel menu in Kathmandu, wondering if named after the region of Pokhara (It had been a long day). The vegetable dish was a little more spicy than anticipated but just as delicious!

Top Nepal Traditional Dishes to Try Vegetable Pakora ©MDHarding
Vegetable Pakora ©MDHarding

Dhal Curry

During your visit to Nepal you might like to go to a cultural night and experience the traditional dance/costumes and the Dhal Curry. There are a number of restaurants that host evening events such as Pokhara Lok Dohari Naach Ghar, Bhojan GrihaNepali Chulo, and Bricks Café. Some are more authentic than others and the cost varies greatly.

Traditional Nepali Dhal Curry ©MDHarding
Traditional Nepali Dhal Curry ©MDHarding


The flatbread Chapati or also known as Roti, is said to have originated in Persia but was much thicker than the one made today, others say it originated 5000 years ago in the Indus valley. Either way it is delicious!


While out and exploring the ancient sites don’t miss trying the popular and trendy Momo’s.

I can highly recommend the vegetable Momo’s at the Boudha Stupa Restaurant. Though the pastry was coloured using spinach, I couldn’t taste it. Don’t miss the panoramic views from the restaurant roof too.

Top Nepal Traditional Dishes to Try Vegetarian Momo's ©MDHarding
Vegetarian Momo’s ©MDHarding

Jerry Sweet’s

Traditional sweet’s called Jerry or Jeri but also known as Jalebi or Jilphi are deep fried pretzel shapes, in either yellow or orange in colour.  They are dipped in saffron syrup and delicious when fresh, warm and crisp. Definitely for the sweet toothed!

Traditional Sweet -Jerry ©MDHarding
Traditional Sweet – Jerry ©MDHarding

As with most destinations Nepal is no different, with a number of different types of accommodation available for all budgets.

We would love to hear from you. Have you visited the country and tasted these top Nepal traditional dishes? What was your favourite dish? Please leave any comments and questions below. Happy Travels:) x

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