Top 9 Mountain Attractions Of Bhutan

Bhutan is a simple and tiny region hugged between China and India. Do you know that Bhutan is considered to be the happiest country of the continent? Yes, the gorgeous destinations and traditional lifestyle of the land has added more bliss element to the local life. Bhutan has all kinds of landforms including mountainous destinations. Thus, if you are looking for some mountain activities, Bhutan is the right place to visit. Here are the top mountain attractions of Bhutan that you should definitely visit.

mountain attractions of Bhutan

Top 9 Mountain Attractions Of Bhutan

1. Paro

mountain attractions of Bhutan,Paro Valley
Paro Valley

The valley of Paro is famous for fertile and lush rice fields, quaint townships and perfect view. The region is famous for numerous temples and monasteries of 14th century or later. Prominent attractions in this mountain region are the Tiger Nest monastery, national museum, Drukgyeldzong, KichuLhakang and others.

2. Dochula Pass

This mountain pass is located a little away from Thimpu. This pass gives a splendid view of the mountains around it. The pass is also famous for 108 chortens, Wangyal Lhakhang temple and Dochula festival. You can also enjoy many adventure activities in this mountain pass.

3. Haa Valley

mountain attractions of Bhutan,Haa valley
Haa Valley

This small valley is a hidden gem of Bhutan. This small mountain village is famous for clean air, hiking, mountain biking, cultural activities, camping, summer festival and much more. You can find a few ancient temples in this region, famous for their ancient rituals.

4. Phobjikha Valley

This irregular valley is formed due to glacial action. This is the best place to enjoy wildlife attractions if you are visiting in winter. The valley is famous for monasteries, scenic views, cultural activities and spotting endangered bird species.

5. Wangdue Phodrang Dzong

mountain attractions of Bhutan,Wangdue Phodrang Dzong
Wangdue Phodrang Dzong

This religious structure is located on top of a ridge, overlooking a deep valley. There are numerous legends surrounding this structure. Tourists visit this destination for scenic view, getting closer to the culture and more importantly, for pilgrimage activities.

6. Zuri Dzong Hike

The peak of Zuri Dzong is best for getting a good view of the entire valley. This region holds numerous caves where monks visit to meditate, in the past. Tourists enjoy visiting this peak via hiking. It would take just 30 minutes to reach the peak and thus, it is preferred by novice trekkers too.

7. Chele La Pass

mountain attractions of Bhutan, Chele La Pass
 Chele La Mountain Pass

This mountain pass is located at a height of 3989 m and is an important mountain route covered by everyone visiting Haa Valley. This mountain pass gives a great view of the valleys around it. Moreover, you can find acres of alpine flowers, lush waterfalls and much more.

8. Chomolhari

This mountainous destination is epic for trekking experiences. You can find enchanting and challenging routes in this region. Apart from this, you can find glacier lakes, mountain views, unique landscape and much more.

9. Mongar

mountain attractions of Bhutan,Mongar Dzong
Mongar Dzong

Located on top of mountain, Mongar is an important green destination of Bhutan. You can find many monasteries and religious structures here. Apart from these, you can find interesting landscapes, hiking routes and much more in this chilly region.

This is not the exclusive list of mountain destinations of Bhutan. There are numerous other unique and interesting mountain attractions of Bhutan awaiting just for you.

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