Top Medical Tourism Destinations in the World

While medical tourism has been around for a very long time, recently the trend has skyrocketed. As the costs of medical bills continue to rise, people are looking for affordable alternatives. They are traveling all over the globe to the top medical tourism destinations.

You may be looking for dental procedures, serious heart surgery, or a few simple plastic procedures. You can find it all abroad for a fraction of the price, even including travel and accommodation costs. Curious to know which countries are taking the lead as the top medical tourism destinations? Then check out our list and prepare to travel!


India is the absolute leader when it comes to medical tourism destinations. A heart valve surgery that can cost $150,000 in the US is just $15,000 in India. This country is a literal life-saver for a lot of people.

The services offered are usually of a very high quality. Surrounding countries such as Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan offer far less developed health care. Cardiology, organ transplants, orthopedic treatments and fertility treatments are all very popular here. If cost is your biggest issue, this might be the country to turn to.


Turkey is full of American-trained doctors. They’re most famous for their expert hair transplant treatments and eye surgery. If you want to improve your sight with laser surgery, this is the medical tourism destination for you. There are a multitude of excellent eye clinics in the country. There’s usually zero waiting time involved, and most hospitals are well-equipped. They offer high-tech modern tools such as CyberKnife for cancer treatments.


Santorini, Greece. top Medical tourism destinations
Santorini, Greece

Greece has been the home of medicine since ancient times. It’s no wonder it has excellent hospitals, clinics, and dental offices. People all over the world come here for treatments. Greece has just recently entered the medical tourism market. However, it’s already one of the key players and a very popular option for a lot of people.

Patients suffering from renal failure often choose this as their holiday destination. You can find several good dialysis centers in Greece, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s such a warm, gorgeous country. Come in for medical treatments or plastic surgery, and stay for the golden beaches, cool sea breeze and tasty seafood.

South Korea

You’ll find the costs of procedures lower by 30% to 45% in South Korea. If you want a very high level of professionalism and comfort, this is a good pick. The equipment used in all the hospitals is very modern, and the staff is all highly trained and polite.

In Seoul, you can get minimally-invasive spinal surgery to correct herniated disks performed by exceptional specialists. If you’re looking to get rid of back pain, this could truly help you. Of course, plastic surgery is also very popular among both tourists and citizens, and the hospitals offer great results.


Sao Paolo, Brazil, skyline. top Medical tourism destinations
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil is the hub of cosmetic surgery. It’s a popular medical tourism destination for breast augmentation, nose jobs, tummy tucks and liposuction. It has 43 JCI accredited medical institutions, plenty of excellent surgeons and innovative treatments that are revolutionizing medicine.

The “Brazilian butt lift” is another popular procedure, and since it’s done by professionals the risks involved are minimized. If you want a full body makeover, Sao Paolo is the city where you’ll find the best clinics.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a truly stunning country that’s a popular destination for tourists of any kind. Those seeking medical services usually come here for dentistry, especially if they need a particularly complex procedure. The specialists are all well-trained and talented. You can lower the costs of medical bills by 65% by coming here.

San Jose is where all the best hospitals are, but there are also a lot of resorts and recovery retreats. If you want to spend your vacation there, you’re bound to enjoy the atmosphere. The doctors are improving their techniques and becoming experts in bariatric surgery, oncology treatments and plastic surgery. If you go there you’ll be in very good hands.


Thailand has the highest number of accredited hospitals in Southeast Asia, and is a very popular medical tourism destination. People come mostly for plastic surgery, but there are a lot of specialists from other fields as well. The cost of procedures is very low.

It’s another country that places emphasis on recovery. You can find many private recovery gardens and professionals that will care for your health through the use of holistic practices and massage techniques.

If you’re considering any of these countries for medical purposes, simply do your research in advance. Contact hospitals and clinics and ask about accreditation, and rely on patient reviews to find trustworthy doctors. Once you know where you want to go, you can plan the rest of your itinerary.

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