TOP 6 Unique Vilnius Restaurants

Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania – is a trendy, growing city that sadly is still completely underrated. One of the best things about visiting Vilnius, is hands down the great variety of fantastic, absolutely marvellous restaurants, that serves food so good, it will make you want to hug the chef. The restaurants in Vilnius managed to create a unique, minimalistic yet fascinating food culture. Tours in Vilnius will give you the opportunity to have a taste of the many unique Vilnius restaurants, where the dishes are original, and the service is flawless. So if you are planning to visit Vilnius, here is a list of the TOP 6 mind-blowing restaurants in vibrant Vilnius, provided to you by the Baltic Tours.

TOP 6 Unique Vilnius Restaurants



It might seem, that “Time” is just a casual restaurant, which is hosted by “Comfort Hotel LT – Rock’n’roll Vilnius”, located in former industrial part of Vilnius. Don‘t be mistaken! This unique Vilnius restaurant is more than fantastic and it can easily prove it to you, with only one dinner for two! This one of the most unique Vilnius restaurants is anything but boring – the food served here will blow your mind away! A unique menu, prepared daily by insanely talented chefs, will satisfy even the pickiest of foodies.

unique Vilnius restaurants
Gourmet dish at Time. Facebook: Restoranas Time


Locals are whispering, it might be the fanciest restaurant in Vilnius. As one of the most unique Vilnius restaurants, Dublis combines two very different concepts – a brasserie and a restaurant. Inspired by art, culture and a better quality of life, Dublis serves food that would even impress Gordon Ramsay himself. The brasserie changes its menu every month, while the restaurant keeps its menu constant, yet always thrilling. The staff in Dublis is young and energetic, filled with love for food and high-class work ethics.

unique Vilnius restuarants
One of a kind dessert at Dublis


You will definitely need to book a table! Gastronomika is one of the most unique Vilnius restaurants and surely – for a good reason! It’s the first restaurant in Lithuania that has all the standards for fine dining. Don’t know what is that? You are about to find out. Gastronomika serves very subtle, yet practically soul-touching dishes that were perfected by a brilliant Lithuanian chef Liutauras Čeprackas. The food here is pricey, but I promise – it is worth every cent. For your interest, tastings take place only two times per week – on Thursdays and Fridays from 7 PM. Make sure to try it out!

unique Vilnius restaurants
Soul touching dish at Gastronomika


Gaspar‘s is a cosy and intimate restaurant, perfect for a private lunch or dinner. You might want to think of bringing a date to this truly wonderful and unique place! Extremely friendly service and heart-warming food will make you feel at home. The lunch menu changes every day from Monday to Friday. Talking about evening menu – it changes every season. Gaspar’s restaurant is also inviting you to try their dish or desert of the month. Can’t wait to try something out? Book your table now!

unique Vilnius restaurants
Cosy and intimate Gaspar‘s


You may wonder what is the the meaning of the word “Stebuklai”. Not going to tease you any longer, let me reveal you a secret. The meaning of the word “Stebuklai” is “Wonders”. And this restaurant really is – wonderful. It seems that real magic takes place in the kitchen because the food here is out of this world… Take a magical trip to a new dimension of taste, style and art, with a visit to the absolutely fabulous restaurant “Stebuklai”. The menu in “Stebuklai” is seasonal – the chef makes sure to always create something new and fantastic. Take a look at this masterpiece below – this eye-popping beauty is about to melt in your mouth… Intrigued? Well I guess I did my job well!

unique Vilnius restaurants
Stebuklai”- taste of wonders. Facebook

Sofa de Pancho

Welcome! It‘s time to feel the real spirit of Mexico! Get ready to meet Frida Kahlo, dance with Tres Mexicanos and taste more than hundred types of 100% Agave Tequila! It is about to be one of those wild evenings, so don’t be surprised… Remember, the reservation is needed because the restaurant has eight tables only! By the way, the music comes straight from the old vinyl player, so the atmosphere feels more than authentic.

unique Vilnius restaurants
Sofa de Pancho: real spirit of Mexico, Facebook

The food culture in Vilnius is growing incredibly fast. Chefs in Vilnius made sure to create a unique, very special attitude on food – everything here is original, one of a kind and insanely tasty. No wonder that Vilnius is considered the capital of gastronomy in The Baltic States! Trips to Vilnius are perfect for real food lovers because we know that good food is the key to a better way of living.

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