Top 6 Things To Do In Bali

Bali is a popular tourist destination that offers amazing food, serene locations, stunning beaches, breathtaking temples, vibrant nightlife and friendly locals. This small yet adventurous packed island caters to any tourist. Bali is definitely a place worth travelling to for your next holiday destination.

Here are the top six things to do in Bali.

Top 6 Bali Attractions

Waterbom Waterpark

Hidden in the lush tropical garden, Waterbom prides itself with over 12 exciting water slides ranging from mellow to extreme that curve around the beautiful 3.8 hectares of landscape.

Waterbom is the number ONE waterpark in Asia and number TWO in the world.  Start your day by shooting down some of the longest water slides in the world, or scream your lungs out as you drop 20 meters only to get swept up again on the boomerang.

Move on to the twisted python with its unexpected turns or zip through adrenaline-pumping speeds of 70km/h on the Smash Down. Finally float along in a tube, drifting slowly down the lazy river.

With the thrilling world-class slides and rides it provides countless hours of fun and excitement for the whole family & friends.

Top 6 Bali Attractions: Bali Waterbom Park
Bali Waterbom Park: Photo Aiko Konishi / CC BY 2.0

Temples & Religions Sites

Mother Temple
Mother Temple: Photo VasenkaPhotography / CC BY 2.0

If dropping down 20m slide is not your thing than you can visit an ancient temple or religious site. Bali has peaceful temples all across the island. The most notable temples are The Mother temple, Ulun Danu Bratan and the Nine directional temples.

Featuring magnificent architecture and astounding sights do not forget to have proper conduct and temple attire when visiting.


Top 6 Bail Activities: Mushroom Beach, Nusa Lembungan
Mushroom Beach, Nusa Lembungan: Photo By San Andreas / CC BY-SA 3.0

If you’re travelling to Bali, it’s a must to visit at least one for the various great beaches. Take a dip in the warm tropical waters or enjoy the sun with the relaxed atmosphere, natural beauty and kaleidoscope like sunsets.

Alternatively catch the surf with Bali’s prominent waves, that ranges from easy to experienced. Indonesia is a hotspot for surfers and Bali is no exception. The southern beaches of Bali are flocked with surf schools and hostels for those that want to stay long at cheap rate.

Scuba Diving/Snorkelling

Top 6 Bail Activities: Scuba diving Indonesia
Scuba diving Indonesia – Bali – Komodo – Bunaken: Photo Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten / CC BY 2.0

Not only is the beach a superb attraction but the clear and pristine waters showcase a diverse underwater seascape to allow a superb scuba diving / snorkelling experience.

Snorkel straight from the sandy beaches or explore the gentle reefs, the warm tropical waters houses abandoned shipwrecks and brilliant marine life where you can see sea turtles, huge variety of vibrant fish and the popular manta rays.

White Water Rafting

Top 6 Bail Activities: Ayung River Rafting, Indonesia
Ayung River Rafting: Photo Michael / CC BY-NC 2.0

Want to take it up a notch from Kayaking or Canoeing? Hit the rapids along Ayung, Citarak, Sa’dan or Telagawaja river in eastern Bali. These rapids are best during or after the wet season, which is November – March.

This thrilling experience is great for family and friends which tests teamwork to the absolute limit.


Top 6 Bali Attractions: Kali Mudah
Kali Mudah Canyoning: Photo by Dleex07 / CC BY -SA 3.0

This is an activity that should definitely be tried. With a variety of difficulty levels, you will enjoy all aspects of canyoning. This would be the thrilling cliff jump, abseiling, natural slide and floating along in the natural pools. Following the natural curvature of the cliffs and flow of the waterfalls it is a unique experience to explore.

These are some of the exciting things you can do at Bali. Despite its small size, Bali is bountiful and full of adventures. Bali has one international airport and can be reached from all corners of Australia and the world, with direct flights available.

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