Top 5 Workout Clothes Packing Tips for Your Trip

Your days of infinite excuses not to work out while on the go are numbered – wherever you go, your suitcase will find you, and in it all the goodness of this world that you need to prep yourself for a decent training session. Yes, it can be a hassle to plan your days around your workouts, especially if you travel for business more than pleasure. But with these top 5 workout clothes packing tips and some clever scheduling, you won’t even break a sweat. Until you do, that is.

Top 5 Workout Clothes Packing Tips

1. Kick air out

The damn space-stealer is one of the main reasons many of us still don’t pack an extra pair of pants wherever we go. But before you give up and abandon your training shoes or your lifting equipment, you can squeeze every last bit of air out of your suitcase and make it more travel-friendly.

Kick air out. Top 5 Workout Clothes Packing Tips

Vacuum-sealing bags can help you save plenty of space and time trying to jam extra socks into the smallest possible compartment, and they’ll also keep your soon-to-be smelly workout clothes far away from the preciously perfumed conference outfits and the like. The fluffiest of your clothes, such as your sweaters, will show the most dramatic results in terms of saving space, so you actually do make plenty of extra room for your workout clothes.

2. Separate your sneaks

Workout Clothes Packing Tips

If you don’t have any trouble with space in your luggage (lucky!), then by all means, you need to consider placing your training shoes as far away from the rest of your clothes as possible. For those who have a single compartment bag, worry not my friends, a simple doggy poop bag will do, but even fancier solutions can apply.

For instance, travel-friendly shoe bags with activated charcoal can help eliminate the inevitable sweat odor, while there are less neutral bags with some form of deodorizer that can give a fresh scent to your gear despite its religious usage.

3. Maximize your recovery

If there’s anything you cannot afford to bring with you, especially on a weekend getaway or a week-long business trip, it’s your entire collection of creams, gels, medication and the like, all designed to minimize injury, and help with those pesky sore muscles for all those important meetings.

This is where high-quality compression clothing steps in to save the day – you can even pick your gear with either warming or cooling effects, so that you can adapt to your destination and make your routine as comfortable as possible. Compression tights, for example, will help by reducing muscle soreness, warm you up more efficiently. So they are not only practical items that take up as little space as possible, these top 5 workout clothes packing tips also keep you safe.

4.They see you rollin’

Workout Clothes Packing Tips

The simplest solutions tend to be the most effective ones for those sudden elopes and emergency meetings in the head office, which are at least an airplane ride away. With no time on your hands to pack all of your things in those vacuum bags, you can easily roll your workout clothes and other items to take up less space.

Maybe the fluffiest sweater in your collection will not yield so easily to this technique, so you can roll only items that will instantly become denser and leave extra room for the shoes and the jacket. If all else fails – wear your gear on the plane. No need to leave your tights at home if they’re comfortable enough to wear on a flight.

5. Prevent smell-attacks

We all know how a tough spinning class or a heavy run in the summer can wreak havoc on your clothes and mess up your packing plans. First of all, it can be as simple as rinse and air-dry, after every workout. All hotel rooms have at least hangers you can use to put your clothes out and dry before your next run, or if they’re not soaking with sweat, you can simply leave them over a chair and let the lovely fragrances dissipate on their own.

Then again, you can adapt your workouts to prevent excessive sweating, such as choosing swimming over cycling in the sun, or a mild yoga class instead of the hot yoga trend that has become very popular lately. Pro workout clothes packing tips: keep your basic toiletries nearby, such as your wet wipes, and a tiny pack of essential oils, such as peppermint to pack along and absorb the smells.

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