5 Tips for earning money while travelling the world

Top 5 Tips for Earning Money Travelling the World, money, coins

Travelling the world is a real dream for many people. It’s the ultimate freedom to explore. However, even when you travel on a shoestring, it can cost a lot of money. It’s hard to hold down a full-time job while you travel, and besides, most people would prefer more downtime to enjoy their travels. Here are my top 5 tips for earning money travelling the world, that won’t take up all of your time.

Top 5 Tips for Earning Money Travelling

1. Become a travel writer

There are many paths to success in this field. You could write travel guides or record a memoir of your adventures. Perhaps, you could keep a blog about your travels in which you create sponsored posts and affiliate links. You could even create a YouTube channel in which you spill the beans on all of the exotic locations you visit. You’re in the perfect position to try this style of work as you have all of the information right at your fingertips. If you’re no good with words, you could become a travel photographer instead and target the same audiences.

top 5 tips for earning money travelling the world, travel writer

2. Rent out your space

While you are travelling the world, don’t sell your home and all of your worldly possessions. Instead, put them to work. You can easily rent out your space on Spacer – your whole home, a spare room or two, or even your basement or garage. You can check and approve any residents before they rent from you, and you can have friends or family members check up on the property from time to time. It’s a great way to earn cash from things you’re not using while you travel, and still have a home to come back to afterwards.

top 5 tips for earning money travelling the world, Rooms for rent, immigrants welcome

3. Sell your art

If you have any kind of artistic talent, you can easily put it to work. You can sell trinkets or paintings to people that you meet on the road. By far the easiest way to make sales is to set up an online shop. You don’t have to set up a custom site – just go for something like an Etsy account. When you’re ready for a more professional web presence, you can switch to a custom domain name and shopfront without changing the way that you do business.

top 5 tips for earning money travelling the world, sell art

4. Offer your services

While you travel, there might be many things that you can do that you can earn money with. You might be an experienced mechanic who can help out at local garages as you pass through. If you speak English and a second language reasonably well, you could become an English teacher. You could paint signs for local businesses, pick and harvest crops, or so on. There is always likely to be something you can bring to the table.

English Teacher, Class

5. Work in hospitality

The hospitality industry is huge, and there is always a demand for English speakers. You can work front-of-house as a waiter or waitress, host, hotel receptionist, or so forth. Even if there is no current opening for a front-of-house staff, there are lots of roles which need filling in most cases. You could be a cleaner, a dishwasher, or whatever else may need doing. This kind of work is often done on a temporary basis because there is a high turnover, so you won’t ruffle too many feathers when you move on.

waitress, top 5 tips for earning money travelling the world

Travelling the world is a lot of fun, but you also need to be realistic about funding your dreams. With these top 5 tips for earning money travelling the world, you can still have that enjoyment and even travel for longer because you have earnings coming in. It’s the perfect way to live.

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