5 Things to See and Do in Perth

Of all the Australian cities that I visited, I spent most time in Perth. I was there for more than six weeks – Sydney comes in second at about four weeks. Perth possibly has the best climate of any major city in the world. I’m not lying, during those six weeks I barely saw a cloud. Even more so, in the three months that I traveled around the southwest of Western Australia, the temperature didn’t drop below 25°C and literally every day was sunny. I do have to add that that was exceptional though. Still, I had never experience such great weather. So it’s no surprise that Perth was one of my favorite places in Oz.

I think I did and saw pretty much everything a visitor could possibly do and see in and around Perth. Although there are many, the following five are, in my opinion, the best things to see and do in Perth.

Top 5 Things to See in Perth WA, Australia


Fremantle, known locally as “Freo”,  is Perth’s coastal town. It is a gorgeous little town, with beautiful buildings, a fine waterfront and two major attractions. The Fremantle Markets is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in all of Western Australia. This covered market consists of more than 150 stalls, selling everything from specialty foods to music instruments and toys.

Top 5 Things to see in Perth WA: Fremantle Markets
Fremantle Markets

Another highlight in Fremantle is Fremantle Prison, Western Australia’s only UNESCO World Heritage building . Visiting the prison is absolutely recommended. It’s one of my personal favorite attractions in the entire country.

Top 5 Things to see in Perth WA: Fremantle Prison
Fremantle Prison

Western Australian Museum

The Western Australian Museum actually consists of more than one museum. However, the one I liked best is located in the city center of Perth, in the so-called Perth Cultural Centre. It is housed in a series of wonderful heritage-listed buildings, such as the Old Gaol, the Jubilee Wing and Hackett Hall. Exhibitions are focused on natural history, which is definitely the reason why I liked the museum so much.

Top 5 Things to see in Perth WA: Western Australian Museum
Western Australian Museum

Perth Zoo

Located within minutes from the CBD, Perth Zoo is also a main attraction in Western Australia. It is home to more than 1,200 animals of 200 different species from all over the world. High-profile animals are the elephants, Sumatran orangutans, rhinoceros, lions and, of course, all the Australian native animals.

Top 5 Things to see in Perth WA: Perth Zoo
Cheetah in Perth Zoo

Barrack Square and The Swan Bells

Barrack Square is a lively area in Perth. Its jetties are the departure point for river cruises and ferries to South Perth and Rottnest Island. Located on the banks of the beautiful Swan River, this area is home to a plethora of bars, cafés, restaurants and art galleries.

Top 5 Things to see in Perth WA: The Swan Bells Belltower
The Swan Bells Belltower

The most striking structure at Barrack Square is the Swan Bells Bell Tower, which is said to be one of the largest music instruments in the world. The Bell Tower can be visited and even the ringing of the bells can be witnessed – there aren’t a whole lot of places on this planet where you can see that. Additionally, the views from the open-air viewing platforms on the sixth floor are phenomenal.

Kings Parks and the Botanic Garden

Most people will agree when I say that Kings Park is the absolute highlight of a visit to Perth. Together with the Botanic Garden, the park can easily be added to any list featuring the greatest urban parks in the world. It’s visited by more than six million people every year and offers absolutely spectacular views of the Swan River and Perth’s skyline.

Top 5 Things to see in Perth WA: Perth: Kings Park
Kings Park

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