5 Things to Experience in Tokyo

Known the world over as a city filled with history, culture and all things quirky, Tokyo is an urban hub that definitely needs to be seen to be believed. Covering more than 2,000㎡ and home to over 13 million residents, there’s so much to take in and experience across the city. With so much to see and do, you’ll definitely be kept preoccupied regardless of whether you’re enjoying a quick stop over or are set to enjoy an extended stay. Check out my top picks of Tokyo’s best must dos!

Top 5 Things to Experience in Tokyo Japan

The Food

From traditional dishes through to modern interpretations of meals prepared by countless generations, Tokyo’s dining scene will leave your palate pleased and tastebuds tantalised. Take your pick of cheap eats found throughout the city’s streets; sushi and sashimi prepared by highly experienced chefs, the best Ramen eateries or the memorable morsels served by the city’s many Michelin starred establishments.

Top 5 Things to experience in Tokyo Japan: Fresh sushi and sashimi, Japan
Fresh sushi and sashimi. Image Credit: Jen / CC 2.0

The Fashion

Home to stores stocking most major international labels, national chains and garments created by up and coming local designers, Tokyo is a must see destination for everyone with an interest in fashion. While visiting Tokyo, be sure to keep an eye out for the fashions loved local the city’s youth. Complete with unique hair and make up styles, there’s a good chance you won’t see anything like the youth fashions found in the districts of Tokyo, such as Harajuku, anywhere else in the world.

Top 5 Things to experience in Tokyo Japan: An example of youth fashion in Tokyo, Japan
An example of youth fashion in Tokyo. Image Credit: Matthias Mueller / CC 2.0

The Meiji Shrine

Dedicated to the very first emperor of modern Japan, the Meiji Shrine offers the perfect excuse to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets and enjoy a few moments of tranquillity. Surrounded by lush forest, the shrine sits on 200 acres of land in Tokyo’s west and was first completed in 1921. Hit hard by bombing raids during World War Two, the shrine was rebuilt into its current incarnation during the 1950s.

Top 5 Things to experience in Tokyo Japan: Meiji Shrine gate, Japan
Meiji Shrine gate. Image Credit: Jessica Spengler / CC 2.0

The Vending Machines

While the supermarkets and convenience stores scattered throughout most capital cities offer almost everything you could need at any given time, Tokyo remains one step ahead with its vending machines. Available to access all day everyday, the machines stock an incredible variety of products, from cold drinks and standard snacks to hot food, fresh produce, clothing and umbrellas. Whether you’re wanting to do a spot of shopping on the go or are after a quirky souvenir to remember your time in the land of the rising sun, Tokyo’s vending machines have you covered!

Top 5 Things to experience in Tokyo Japan: Instant noodle vending machine, Japan
Instant noodle vending machine

The Imperial Palace

Situated in the centre of Tokyo, the Imperial Palace has become a symbol of the city’s long and fascinating history. The primary residence of the Emperor of Japan, the palace boasts a water filled moat, lush grounds and impressive traditional architecture. Some sections of the palace’s grounds are open to explore throughout the year, with others only accessible by joining a guided tour.

Top 5 Things to experience in Tokyo Japan: The Japanese Imperial family at the Imperial Palace in the New Year, Japan.
The Japanese Imperial family at the Imperial Palace in the New Year. Image Credit: ぱたごん / CC 3.0

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