Top 5 Things To Do In Te Anau New Zealand

Te Anau in New Zealand serves as the gateway to the majestic Fiordland National Park; making it an essential stopping point for anyone on a campervan trip through New Zealand. Anyone looking to experience this legendary land of glaciers and open skies should certainly consider Te Anau as a base point for their travels. Not only does this area sit right on the edge of this scenic and wondrous region; but it also holds a lot of activities and sites in its own right. With this combination of great sights and amazing activities; Te Anau is highly recommended for anyone on a campervan rental nz trip. If this will be your first time in the area, check out these top 5 things to do in Te Anau; so you can experience during your stay with some amazing activities and sights.

Last of the Light, Lake Te Anau,Top 5 Things To Do In Te Anau, New Zealand
Last of the Light, Lake Te Anau: Image by Jocelyn Kinhorn via CC BY-SA 2.0

Top 5 Things To Do In Te Anau, New Zealand

Te Anau Glowworm Caves

Just underneath the surface at Te Anau runs a vast network of caves and underground waterways. These tunnels feature out of this world rock formations and an eerie sense of calm that draws hundreds of visitors per week. But the main feature that makes Te Anau special is the thousands and thousands of glowworms that line the cave walls, making for a truly marvelous sight. You can take a boat tour and experience this sight for yourself. You certainly won’t forget this experience, so make sure to schedule a stop at the glowworm caves during your trip.

Te Anau Glowworm Caves, Top 5 Things To Do In Te Anau, New Zealand
Te Anau Glowworm Caves: Photo (c) Real Journeys

Fiordland Cinema

This architectural marvel was designed and built in order to showcase the legendary local film ‘Shadowland” which features stunning scenes starring Fiordland National Park’s epic sweep. It will be well worth stopping by the cinema in order to check out this half hour marvel, which will give you a great idea of the surrounding territory and allow you insight into the true wonder and awe of the region. This is the perfect film to watch before you go exploring since it will give you an appreciation for the local territory prior to your experiencing it.

Fiordland Cinema, Top 5 Things To Do In Te Anau, New Zealand
Fiordland Cinema: Image BY chee.hong via CC-BY 2.0

Miles Better Pies

New Zealand has long been famous for its pies, and here at Miles Better Pies you can sample some of the absolute best to be found anywhere in the nation. This establishment is known to have an incredibly wide selection; so you will want to save room in order to sample multiple flavors and types. Every day there are a wide range to choose from, including such interesting ingredients as thai chicken, apple, and venison. Miles Better Pies is situated on the edge of the lake, so you can grab yourself a hot pie and head on down to the lake to eat and appreciate the scenery. Whether you’re staying in the area and having lunch or just passing through in your NZ campervan rental, Miles Better Pies is perfect for a tasty bite and a look at the local scenery.

Miles better Pies, Top 5 Things To Do In Te Anau, New Zealand
Miles better Pies: Image By

Te Anau Bird Sanctuary

New Zealand has one of the widest selections of rare bird species anywhere in the world. The Te Anau region is home to many of them, and this massive free sanctuary holds an incredible selection. You can easily spend an entire day here admiring the colourful range of birds on display; and can feed the birds as well as learn about the various species, their histories, and the specifics of their habitat. The effect of a visit to the bird sanctuary has been known to be soothing; especially after some long days on the road. The gorgeous colours of the birds on display and the lush settings; make for an extremely pleasant experience even for non bird enthusiasts.

Fantail at Te Anau Bird Sanctuary
Fantail at Te Anau Bird Sanctuary: Photo on Flickr by Murray Foubister / CC BY-SA 2.0

Kepler Track

If you really want to get out into the fiords and experience the surrounding country close at hand, then you will definitely want to head out on Kepler track. This trail offers sweeping views of the majestic Fiordland National Park and the surrounding wilderness. Experience the glaciers, planes, and snowcapped peaks this region is famous for. Featuring crisp air and blue skies, this is a hike you won’t soon forget. You can either head out on the trail for a day hike; or you can do the full trail, which takes three days and takes in the entire region.

Kepler Track, Top 5 Things To Do In Te Anau, New Zealand
Kepler Track, Image by Evan Forester via CC-BY 2.0

It will be easy to see why so many movies have used this scenery as their background. The epic vistas are enough to make you want to sit down and breathe in the beauty; and you will have the opportunity to do just that if you head out on this hike.

The Te Anau region places you right in the heart of the Fiordland region; putting you within easy reach of the backdrops and epic scenery that keep travelers coming to this region on their campervan hire nz trips. Anybody on a trip through New Zealand would not be advised to miss it.

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