Top 5 Sydney Beaches To Visit This Summer

By now I am sure you already know that Australia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but just wait it gets better! These beautiful top 5 Sydney beaches are all within just a short distance of each other, making it easier for you to explore and enjoy.

Top 5 Sydney Beaches To Visit This Summer

Manly Beach

Did you know that in just one year, 7 million people visit Manly and the Manly Ferry travels the equivalent distance of going around the world 2 times? One of the best things about Manly Beach is this scenic ferry ride you take to get there. Surrounded by the stunning harbour, you embark on a journey to arrive only at one of the best beaches in Sydney. Enjoy a little fun in the sun during the day and finish it off with a drink at night at the Sugar Lounge bar, situated right on Manly’s beachfront.

Sunrise over Manly beach, sydney, NSW, Australia: top 5 Sydney beaches
Sunrise over Manly: Photo on Flickr by Nigel Howe / CC BY 2.0

Freshwater Beach

Freshwater beach is just a short walk from Manly and is situated between two headlands, providing excellent sun protection from the nor’easter. Its best features include a 50 metre rock pool, consistent waves and a rich history. It is renowned by the famous Hawaiian ‘Duke’ Kahanamoku, for popularising surfboard riding. Duke carved a surfboard from a piece of local timber and demonstrated surfing to an excited crowd back on January 15, 1915. This historic event is now commemorated by a life-size statue of Duke situated on the northern headland.

top 5 Sydney beaches: Freshwater Beach
Freshwater Beach. Image on Flickr by Nigel Howe / CC BY 2.0

Bondi Beach

Since 2007, Bondi has held the record for the largest swimsuit photo shoot ever, with 1,010 bikini babes taking part in a cosmopolitan magazine shoot on the beach. When visiting the iconic Bondi beach, be sure to pack one of your most stylish bikinis and head to North Bondi to enjoy a refreshing swim during the day and a light snack or drink in the afternoon from the large selection of cafes and bars nearby.

top 5 Sydney beaches: : bondi beach
Bondi Beach. Image on Flickr by Gabes1982 / CC BY 2.0

Bronte Beach

Embark on the coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte beach and be treated to a quiet and serene location. Although boasting quite a small area of sandy beach after a promenade and sea wall were constructed in 1914, Bronte beach remains a popular spot to visit among locals and tourists. With great BBQ facilities, sheltered picnic tables and large grass areas, it is an ideal location for families with children to enjoy a day out.

top 5 Sydney beaches: bronte beach
Bronte Beach. Image on Flickr by Eyeintim / CC BY 2.0

Tamarama Beach

The name Tamarama is believed to be derived from the Aboriginal name ‘Gamma Gamma’ which appeared on maps of the coastline in the 1860’s. Tamarama beach is situated between two headlands and is surrounded by glorious parklands. Equipped with a cafe, playground, BBQ area and amenities, it is a great location to visit with family and friends for an outdoor summer adventure. Make sure you come prepared to our top 5 Sydney beaches with all the essentials like sunscreen, food and shelter to make the day lasting and enjoyable!

top 5 Sydney beaches: tamarama beach
Tamarama Beach. Image on Flickr by Ahia / CC BY 2.0

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    Lovely post! Its common knowledge that the coastline of New South Wales is known for its impeccable preserved beauties and spectacular sights. Due to the high quality of air, mild climate and a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors, it has become the focal region for establishment and proliferation of numerous luxury retirement resorts . That’s why most of such resorts are situated near the beachfront that is practically a treasure trove of idyllic surprises and concealed tropical lagoons.


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