Top 5 Skateboard Friendly Cities

Every skateboarder worth one’s salt will skate anywhere. Rough or smooth, rain or shine; every terrain on which you can get rolling is a viable choice, and it can be the unlikeliest of destinations. After all, what is life without a challenge? At the end of the day; it’s all about the terrain, and some urban areas are a bona fide treat as a playground for skateboarding. These are the skateboard friendly cities which will have you believing urban planners literally designed them with this sport in mind.

Skateboard Friendly Cities to Visit

Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland is usually at the top of any list as far as skateboarding is concerned. In fact, some articles would go as far and dub it the most skater-friendly city in the world. Skate and bike lanes abound on street level. It’s one of the few cities in the world that recognizes skateboarding as a legitimate transportation option. It even has the same legal rights as a bicycle. Not to end all of the appealing features here, there’s also a map you can buy that marks the preferred skate routes of Portland, which will help you get around much quicker.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Of course, you can’t have a list of top skateboard-friendly cities without this iconic urban area. In fact, skateboards and longboards are some of the defining images of the Los Angeles asphalt. It is the home of the skate industry and one of the cradles of skateboarding. For those native to LA, it only comes down to finding a perfect board in a trustworthy skate shop, and you’re set. You can even go as far and call Los Angeles a skateboarding Mecca, because every true skateboarder dreams of cruising across its sun-bathed palm-lined streets at least once in a lifetime.

Barcelona, Spain

Skateboard friendly Cities, Barcelona, Spain

Its warm climate is not the only thing Barcelona shares with Los Angeles. It has been an epicenter of European skateboarding for decades, in spite of the anti-skateboarding law passed over ten years ago. As it goes, you can’t break the spirit of a true skateboarder, which is evident by all the incessant activity at the skateboarding hotspots around the city. Some would argue that the sport has been “blown out” of the city; but the sheer size of the terrain Barcelona has to offer still helps this sport prevail.

Malmo, Sweden

Malmo, Sweden

This Scandinavian city is brimming with skate parks and a variety of skateboarding events; turning Malmo effectively into a skate-crazed north European metropole. This is very unusual if you take the cold climate and half-a-years’ worth of rainy days in Malmo but, once more, it only goes to show that nothing can stop true enthusiasts. It is also an “it” location for girl skaters, as celebrity boarders like Andrea Andersson Antunes go out of their ways to market it as a true skateboarding destination for girls around the world.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Let’s keep moving east – until we arrive to the up and coming longboarding center of East Asia. The urban planning of Seoul is slowly but surely turning it into a concrete playground, which already has many skateboarders around the world drooling over it. Additionally, there are no laws that prohibit this activity in any way, which makes it an ideal skateboarding paradise. The scene in Seoul is steadily growing, so be among the ever-rolling adventurers who have hit the asphalt of this city before the popularity hits its apex.

One of the beautiful aspects of skating is the fact that it embraces a variety of locations; and introduces you to a global culture that brings people closer. Travelling is an integral part of the lifestyle of every true skateboarder; so don’t wait or fret you future lord of Dogtown; and embark on an easy-rolling journey to these hot skateboard friendly cities.

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