5 World’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations on Instagram

Those who have an Instagram account most certainly follow profiles with gorgeous world destinations; and enjoy the beautiful landscapes with several sighs. Wedding hustle is not something to be taken lightly; but a honeymoon is also a special event you want to plan perfectly. However, with these top 5 romantic honeymoon destinations, finding the magical spot for the two you is not so overwhelming.

Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations on Instagram

That is when the Instagram comes in and saves the honeymoon. To help you out, we picked out some of the loveliest places on Instagram where you and your spouse can have great and memorable moments as newlyweds. Moreover, who knows, you can maybe create your own Instagram profile later on and help others with this same dilemma.

Marrakech, Morocco

The first thing that comes to mind about Morocco is belly dancing and couscous. This exotic location is the land of beautiful sunsets, Islamic culture, and colourful souks. However, due to the influences from European cultures of Spain and France, Morocco is the beautiful mix of old and traditional with modern western customs.  

Couple Romance Marrakech Morocco
Romance in Marrakech: Photo on Flickr by Roberto Trombetta / CC BY-NC 2.0

Marrakech is the best way to start if you’re new to the African and Islamic culture. Luxury accommodations like Riad Dar Anika will let you enjoy this mix of cultures while making sure you don’t miss anything authentic. The view of the city life and the Atlas Mountains will create ideal romantic ambiance, while tours to Casablanca, Sahara and Fes will give you experiences to remember for a lifetime.

Santorini, Greece

The volcanic island of Santorini has been one of the most popular Greek locations among the honeymooners for years. The most popular destinations there are Fira, Oia and Thira. All three are villages built on top of the high hills overlooking the Aegean Sea. Fira is more modernized with restaurants, museums, and shops, Oia is a peaceful village with white and blue buildings most often depicting Santorini.

Santorini Greece,Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations on Instagram
Santorini, Greece

On the other hand, Thira is a historic settlement created on the volcanic ground more than 3,000 years ago. Santorini is famous for its vineyards and premium winemaking, fantastic beaches, sailing tours, hiking expeditions and rich nightlife. This destination is a wonderful honeymoon choice if you’re undecided whether you want an active or more leisure experience.


A few can resist the emerald waters and white sandy beaches of the East African islands of Seychelles. Proud on the clear, transparent waters and rich mix of French, English, and Creole cultures, this is a very popular honeymoon destination for a reason. Seychellois actively preserve nature and promote sustainable tourism.

Seychelles,Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations on Instagram

You can enjoy the local flora and fauna on various tours including snorkelling, diving, hiking, kayaking and nature walks. You can stay in one of the 11 luxury villas on North Island or Frégate resort which was built in 1998 and enjoy star gazing, mountain biking, yoga, spa treatments and bird watching.

Sydney, NSW

Australia is one of the most sought-after tourist locations and this trend is on the rise. Although this country has diverse natural wonders and remarkable wildlife; honeymooners mostly choose to visit some of the bigger cities.

Sydney NSW Australia,Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations on Instagram
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Sydney is the most famous among tourists since it has it all: sightseeing attractions, fusion restaurants, museums, galleries and the finest shopping offer. If you want to enjoy some sunshine and swimming; you can either go to Bondi Beach or go on a cruise and visit the Pacific islands. Day in the city will keep you occupied so make sure to find PhotoBoothMe installed for some fun photos and rest your tired feet in the greenery of the Royal Botanical Garden.


One of those destinations where you can choose between the exotic beaches and urban adventures is most certainly Mexico. Mexico City has a lot to offer to honeymooners with its architecture, authentic Mexican street food, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s home, Bosque de Chapultepec, and shopping.

Mexico street scene,Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations on Instagram
Mexico street scene

On the other hand, luxurious resort Banyan Tree Mayakoba on the Riviera Maya will fulfill all your romantic wishes with turquoise waters, personal butler, and private pool. If you decide for Mexico, don’t miss to visit Mayan ruins, best seafood restaurants in Tulum and white sand of Playa del Carmen beaches.

As a final point

Never take your honeymoon lightly. It’s the one time where you can pamper yourself and enjoy the lavishness of experiences and sights. The most important thing when choosing the honeymoon destination is going where you want to; and planning it just the way it is perfect for both of you.

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