Top 5 Road Trip Safety Tips

We all know how going on a road trip can be fun. Still, besides having fun, you also have to make sure you are 100% safe during the entire trip. This is especially the case if you are travelling with your kids. We have come up with these top 5 road trip safety tips that are guaranteed to help you stay safe while on the road. Make sure you check them all out.

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Top 5 Road Trip Safety Tips

Buckle up

Even though this seems like an obvious thing to do, you’d be surprised by the number of people who don’t buckle their seat belts. Since car accidents are the number one cause of death of people aged 1-54, you should always do whatever you can to make sure you are safe while driving. It’s also important to mention that wearing a seat belt cuts your chances of being killed in a car accident by 50%. Having all of this in mind, make sure you wear your seat belt during the entire trip.

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Get Enough Rest

A large number of car accidents is caused by drowsy drivers. That is the case because as soon as your eyelids drop, so does your ability to react quickly, make sound decisions and stay in the correct lane. Recent studies have shown that driving after being awake for 18 hours causes your brain to function as if you had 0.05% blood alcohol content (BAC). And after 24 hours, it rises to 0.10% BAC. That is the amount of BAC you would have if you drank 5 beers in an hour and got behind the wheel. That’s why you should make sure you make enough stops and get all the sleep you need before you continue your trip.

Top 5 Road Trip Safety Tips Dusty Road at sunset combi vanCarry a Spare Tire

If you want to get out there on the road, you simply need to have a spare tire. This is the case no matter where you are going, but it’s even more important that you have one when going on a road trip. If you don’t have a spare tire with you, chances are you will have to sit next to the road for hours while waiting for help to come. And with 220 million flat tires reported only in U.S. every year, this is something you might face during your road trip. Of course, besides having a spare one it’s also very important that you know how to change a tire.

Give Your Car a Once-Over

This is something you should do before each road trip you take. You can either appoint a quick maintenance check at the local garage or do it yourself. If you decide to do everything by yourself, make sure you check your tire pressure, oil levels, fluid levels and wiper blades. If you noticed that it’s time for oil change you should also have it done before you hit the road. Also, before every road trip you take, you should check if everything feels right with your car. In case you notice anything weird with your wheels, you should turn to experts who offer wheel repair services and get your vehicle ready for the trip.

Top 5 Road Trip Safety Tips, road mapGet Enough Supplies

Going on a road trip means you will have to spend a lot of time in your car. That’s why you should make sure you never run out of gas, both in your car and in your belly. This is especially the case if you don’t know the roads very well. If you run out of gas and there is no gas station anywhere around, you will again be condemned to spend hours waiting for someone to come and help you. Right because of this, there should always be a full gas can in your trunk. Also, make sure you always have enough food and water in your car in case you are stuck somewhere waiting for help to arrive.

In case you are taking on a road trip soon, make sure you do all of these top 5 road trip safety tips and you will be as safe as possible during the entire ride. Just bear in mind that you can never do too much when it comes to safety and that you should always keep searching for some new road trip safety tips. Let me know yours, so I can add to my top 5 road trip safety tips!


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