Top 5 Reasons To Visit Denver Colorado

If you have been looking for the perfect road trip destination that combines amazing outdoor activities with urban fun and excitement, then look no further than Denver, Colorado. Denver has long been known as one of the most beautiful cities in the US, featuring sprawling mountain views and an unbelievable skyline. The city itself features many great dining opportunities, shopping, and other attractions while the surrounding area offers up fantastic hiking, climbing, and biking opportunities. There is really no other area quite like the Denver area to be found in the country, so load up an RV rental and hit the road to visit Denver Colorado as soon as you can.

Visit Denver Colorado
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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Denver Colorado

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking.
Mountain biking BY Zach Dischner via CC BY 2.0

The state of Colorado and the Denver area in particular, is consistently voted as the country’s number one destination for mountain bikers. It won’t take you long to see why. From your base in Denver you will have access to dozens of the very best mountain biking trails to be found anywhere in the world. Each year visitors travel from all over the world just to experience these trails. Anybody with an interest in mountain biking would be making a mistake in skipping Denver, so make sure to bring your bike along for the trip.


Rocky Mountain National Park.
Rocky Mountain National Park BY  Aryeh Alex via CC BY 2.0

No matter which street you may be standing on in Denver, chances are you can look up to observe majestic mountain ranges stretching just beyond the city limits. This is what makes Denver one of the top destinations for mountain climbers. Instead of having to take long journeys to reach the ranges, you can set out from your Denver base and be on the rocks at dozens of different top sites within less than an hour. Due to the sheer number of rock climbing destinations on offer, before you set off in your RV rental you should research which sites you would like to hit on your journey. This way you can have your schedule ready and be able to hit the rocks more efficiently during your stay.


Running shoes, rock
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Surrounded by thousands of miles of forest and mountains; it is only natural that Denver also offers access to some of the most majestic hiking trails in the country. No matter if you want a dense woodland hike, a scenic mountain journey, or a combination of the two; you can be at the foot of the trail in much less than an hour with Denver as your base. Just like with the climbing options; there are so many different trails that you will most certainly want to carefully research your destinations before the trip. Depending on the type of hiking and scenery you are into; you will no doubt be able to plan the ultimate hiking vacation when you visit Denver Colorado.


Image BY kirybabe via CC-BY 2.0

With all the surrounding mountains you would expect there to be unbelievable ski opportunities to be had in the Denver region. What you may not be ready for is the sheer amount of opportunities on offer; not to mention the world-class quality of the slopes in this region. Within an hour drive of downtown Denver you have the top rated slopes of the world famous Vail Mountain Resort, Telluride Ski Resort, Breckenridge Ski Resort, Aspen Snowmass, Beaver Creek Resort, Purgatory Resort, and Steamboat Ski Resort. Any ski enthusiast will instantly recognize these names as some of the most famous and sought after slopes in the world; so you can easily see why Denver is considered a ski enthusiast’s ultimate dream trip.

Shopping And Dining

Image BY Jerry Huddleston via CC-BY 2.0

This city of Denver boasts a vibrant nightlife full of terrific live music, bars, and restaurants. The downtown Denver area is just buzzing with action most nights; and much fun can be had just walking around, people watching, shopping, and eating. No matter what type of fare you are in the mood for you will most certainly find it here. From fine dining to highly rated food trucks, Denver has your appetite covered. The Downtown district also features a robust shopping district; where you can find much more than just the average items you’re used to at home. Downtown Denver is home to high end luxury brands, funky boutiques, and a plethora of specialty stores and tourist shops. You can easily kill a whole bunch of hours exploring downtown Denver; so make sure to schedule a night downtown for you and your family during your stay.

There are many other reasons to visit Denver Colorado, including professional sports events, museums, and much, much more. For any RV adventurer, your bucket list just isn’t complete without a Denver trip on the schedule. So the next time you load up the RV rental and hit the road; make sure you steer in the direction of this American jewel of a city.

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