Top Five Places to Spend New Year’s Eve

With the big event only hours away, you have probably already made plans for New Year’s Eve, but if you have left it until the last minute and want to ring in the New Year somewhere new and exciting, take a look at these top 5 places to spend New Years Eve.

Top 5 Places to Spend New Years Eve

Las Vegas, USA

If you thought Las Vegas was the ultimate over-the-top party destination, just wait until you see it on New Year’s Eve. On this iconic night, entertainment venues turn things up a notch and host even more extravagant parties than usual with bigger and better entertainment, shows and music concerts. The highlight for most is the Downtown Countdown which takes place at the Fremont Street Experience and boasts live bands (this year they’re all incredible tribute acts), as well as an amazing firework display synchronised with virtual fireworks shows on giant screens.

Top 5 Places to Spend New Years Eve: Las Vegas, USA via Flickr
New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, USA via Flickr

Dubai, UAE

For buzzing nightclubs, high-octane parties and the chance to rub shoulders with A-list celebrities, Dubai is the place to spend New Year’s Eve. Not only does the Dubai Marina put on the firework display to end all firework displays on this night (last year it covered an area of 95km), but almost all top-end hotels and opulent nightclubs throw lavish parties with gourmet finger food, sparkling cocktails and famous faces. If you want to stay in the middle of all the action, start looking for last-minute accommodation in Dubai right now. For something a bit more cultural, head to the Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala for live orchestra concerts, choreographed dance performances and an immense light, water and fire display.

Top 5 Places to Spend New Years Eve: Dubai, UAE via Flickr
New Year’s Eve in Dubai, UAE via Flickr

Sydney, Australia

When it comes to the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s tough to beat Sydney. This energetic city puts on one of the largest parties in the world, with over one million people joining together to watch the waterfront fireworks show and more than one billion people around the world tuning in to watch it on TV. Festivities begin early on in the afternoon with family-friendly entertainment around the harbour, including air and water shows featuring acrobats, followed by the Harbour of Light Parade which includes more than 50 vessels and two fireworks displays – the first at 9pm for those who can’t stay up and the second at midnight. If you’re staying in Sydney, why not combine your Australian adventure with a New Zealand holiday?

Top 5 Places to Spend New Years Eve: Sydney, Australia via Flickr
New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia via Flickr

Chile, South America

The Valparaíso Harbour is the place to be on New Year’s Eve in Chile. At the stroke of midnight on December 31st, a 20-minute firework display is launched from 17 different points scattered along the coast between Viña del Mar and the Valparaíso Harbour, followed by beach parties which carry on well into the early hours. Between the 28th and the 31st more than one million people travel to the city’s harbour, all for the chance to take part in what is sure to be one of the world’s most astounding beach parties.

Top 5 Places to Spend New Years Eve: Chile, South America via Flickr
New Year’s Eve in Chile, South America via Flickr

Hong Kong, China

If you never want the celebrations to end, head to Hong Kong and take part in their New Year’s Eve festivities which begin at 8pm with the Symphony of Lights display which sees 45 of the city’s buildings lit up. This is followed by one of the world’s very best pyrotechnic shows which is a true extravaganza for the senses, with sound and light shows that culminate in an eight-minute fireworks display which lights up the Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong also puts on a midnight countdown Times Square-style, with a replica ball drop as the final seconds tick down to midnight; making Hong Kong one of the top 5 places to spend New Years Eve.

Top 5 Places to Spend New Years Eve: Hong Kong, China via Flickr
New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong, China via Flickr

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