Top 5 Least Driven American Roads

Each year many thousands of travelers take to the roadways to experience the sights, activities, and pleasures that come from the US open road. One image you don’t think of when envisioning your perfect trip is sitting in a traffic jam; or having to contend with mass traffic as you try to reach your next destination. Road travel is all about the freedom to roam; and when your motorhome rental runs into these types of issues it can put a damper on the fun. This is why you should look into some of the less traveled American roads; so that you won’t have to contend with these types of issues on your trip. There are many least driven American roads; and below you can find the top five uncrowded lanes to consider for your travels.

Road to Monument Valley, AZ. Least Driven American Roads
Road to Monument Valley, AZ. Flickr: Angus MacRae / CC BY 2.0

Top 5 Least Driven American Roads

The Blues Highway

This 1000 mile stretch running through the deep south is not only known to be uncrowded; but is also a cultural mecca, taking in the legendary countryside that served as the birth of the blues. This route starts in the deep south city of Memphis, from where you can take the legendary Highway 61 southward. Along the way you will see the old juke joints where the blues was birthed; and even pass the infamous crossroad where Robert Johnson made his deal with the devil. It would be a good idea to make a stop at the Blues Museum while you’re here. The route ends in the wonderful city of New Orleans, where great food and merriment await.

This route is known to be uncrowded and free of mass traffic no matter the time of year. When you combine this with the terrific scenery and cultural importance of the route, you have yourself an absolute must travel route for any road trip in the south.

Big Bend Scenic Loop

Approaching Big Bend National Park, top 5 least driven american roads
Approaching Big Bend National Park. Flickr: Robert Hensley / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Stretching over 250 majestic miles in West Texas, this stretch of lonely road offers endless old west vistas that will make you feel as if you’re in the middle of a classic western film. Along the way you will pass through small towns such as the famous Marfa, which has been seen in countless films both old and new. Along this route you will also find Big Bend National Park, the Museum of Big Bend, and of course the expanse of the Big Sky Country spread out before you the whole way. There is tons of wildlife to be seen along the way; and the road is known to be free and clear of traffic for many miles in either direction.

San Juan Highway

San Juan Highway. Flickr: flamouroux / CC BY-SA 2.0

If you wish to get up close and personal with the Rocky Mountains; then this lonely and one of the least driven American roads is the best way to do it. Your motorhome rental will pass through some of the most rugged, majestic views that Colorado has to offer, moving through winding mountain passes and witnessing breathtaking panoramas spread out before you. Along the way you will come across quirky mountain towns, abandoned mining villages, and old world saloons that were once frequented by miners and frontiersmen. When you factor in that traffic is generally very light in this region; you have not only one of the least driven American roads but also one of the most scenic.

Monument Valley

There are few more breathtaking drives than this one through Utah’s famous canyon country. This is a 300 mile long stretch of road that will make you feel as if you are driving across the surface of the moon, featuring unbelievable rock formations and some scenes that you may recognize as the backdrops from old Western movies. The harsh turns of the Moki Dugway will be worth it in order to see the surreal sandstone monoliths that line the Valley Of The Gods. This route is known to be incredibly clear of congestion; so you can just kick back and watch the amazing scenery flash past.

Highway 49

Running through the Sierra Nevada foothills is a true treasure of the American roadways, Highway 49. Stretching over 200 miles, this route takes you right through the heart of the gold rush territory, passing through scenic small towns and taking in some of the most epic scenery California has to offer, which is really saying a lot. It will take only two days to cover the route; so this is a great side trip if you’re looking for a scenic and uncrowded drive that won’t take up too much of your time on a trip.

The American roads are full of uncrowded routes through scenic and legendary territories. Take advantage of them and hit one of these routes in your motorhome rental to enjoy the wide open spaces, lack of traffic, and the adventures and sites on offer along the way.

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