Top 5 Golf Destinations in the World

The game has an image of being one of the favorite pastime activities of the privileged ones. According to the Atlantic, it also has by far the oldest audience. As wisdom comes with age, we can only conclude that this is a game for and played by sports’ connoisseurs. The top 5 golf destinations are hard to determine so I have decided to show you the best of what north and south and east and west have to offer.

Top 5 Golf Destinations in the World

St Andrews, Scotland

Going back to the cradle of the game, marked by its protector’s name, Scotland’s own Old Course at St Andrews is the world’s most famous golf course. The game has been played in the area since the 15th century and the club was found on the grounds in 1552. The experience includes the Old Course, plus another four 18-hole courses, and one 9-hole course suitable for beginners. It offers opportunities for learning within the golf school or academy, as well as by taking individual golf lessons.

Golfing in St Andrews, Scotland, Top 5 Golf Destinations in the World
St Andrews Golf Course, Scotland

Hirono, Japan

An evidence of how British men have spread their favorite game across the world, Hirono Golf Club boosts as the number one place for golfers in Japan and one of the best places in Asia. It was designed by an Englishmen, Charles Alison, in the early 1930’s. This is a private club which is hard to penetrate but it is apparently worth the effort. The design is well fitted on a comparatively small surface of some 6925 yards with spectacular greenery. A very nice add-on to the entire experience is a golf museum depicting the history of the game and its development in the region.

Hirono Golf Club Japan
Hirono Golf Club, Japan: Photo by Shijimicho Hirono / CC BY-SA 3.0

Velaa, Maldives

This could be seen as an unusual spot for playing golf. If you ever decide to visit the tropical paradise of Velaa Private Island, this is one of the activities you will be able to take part in. The Velaa Golf Academy designed by Jose Maria Olazabal offers learning opportunities for all players, from amateur beginners to professionals. Their certified coaches take pride in creating custom lesions for each individual player, their skills, and needs. If you are a fan of the game, this should be on your check-list for a tropical holiday destination.

Pebble Beach, California

The best and the best known Golf Resort in all of the United States; Pebble Beach offers a unique experience to all the holidaymakers and not just the golf lowers. However, since you have chosen this destination it would be a shame not to try yourself out at the game while enjoying one of the most beautiful sceneries this part of the Pacific coast has to offer. Swingeagle reminds us that 2019 is a good year for visiting the site as the resort will be a host to the US Open Championship and you will have the opportunity to watch some of the world’s best players, stand against each other.

Golf course in Pebble Beach, California
Pebble Beach Golf Course, California: Photo on Flickr by Preyitno / CC BY 2.0

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Melbourne

Travelling across the globe to one of the southernmost golf courses in the world. The club offers unforgettable golfing experience with certified coaches to assist you with your skills. They are proud not only of the quality of the experience provided but also of the fact that they can facilitate golfers with disabilities. The East Course, however, takes the cake as one of the world’s top courses as selected by the National Geographic.

Innocent Bystanders, Presidents Cup 2011, Royal Melbourne Golf Course,top 5 golf destinations
Innocent Bystanders, Presidents Cup 2011, Royal Melbourne Golf Course: Photo Hone Morihana / CC BY 2.0

Wherever you are from and wherever you go, there will be something for you. The experiences differ based on holes, hazards, terrains, sceneries as well as your fellow players and your hosts. It is up to you now to choose the type of holiday you want and select the right course to suit your taste and skill level.

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