Top 5 Destinations for Dog Lovers

Even though most people like dogs, just liking them is not what being a real dog enthusiast is all about. In fact, a true dog lovers regard their dog as if it were their own child and wouldn’t dream of going on vacation while leaving it behind. Luckily for them, some of the largest tourist hotspots in the world have realized that and transformed into a real life dog-friendly destinations. With this in mind, here are my top 5 destinations for dog lovers, that no real dog lover can afford to miss out on at least once in their lifetime.

Top 5 Destinations for Dog Lovers by

Top 5 Destinations for Dog Lovers

Seattle, Washington

The main reason why this amazing city takes such a prominent place on this list is its amazing W HOTEL. Not only is every room in this amazing place completely optimized for your dog’s stay with dog beds, as well as food and water bowls. As a final touch every room is also equipped with floor mats and there is also a great turndown service available. Additionally, hotel’s kitchen is fully oriented towards making some of the most delicious dog treats, that it would be a real shame not to give your dog a chance to enjoy in such an experience. On top of it all, Seattle is an amazing place full of sights to be seen and you can visit it all on foot, with your most faithful companion by your side.

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Orcas Island, Washington

Another place where you should probably take your dog for a vacation is the incredible Orcas Island once more in the great state of Washington. If you were trying to reconnect with nature but just cannot stand the thought of separating from your beloved pet, what you might want to try is going to the Orcas Island. Here, you will be able to hike, swim and enjoy in the vivid life around you, while still having your dog along every step of the way. The jewel crown of this visit are probably off-leash dog park as well as the amazing ferry ride. Because of all this, it would be safe to claim that Orcas Island has something for everyone.

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Now, when it comes to comfort, it is unlikely that any place will triumph over the amazing Seattle W hotel, but if you are in for something a bit more unique than Toronto is a place for you to be. Namely, what makes this metropolis into such a dog-friendly destination is the fact that once a year, Toronto is a host to Woofstock festival. As the very name suggests it a visit to this street festival is something your dog is bound to appreciate above everything else. In fact, you could even make this an entire week trip and try to get the most of Toronto yourself, while you are still there.

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Another place that your dog absolutely must visit is Portland. Apart from carrying the title of cyclist capital of the America, it also stands for cog capital of the country. In fact, there is a joke that in most Portland cafes’ dogs are not only allowed, but a prerequisite to enter. Anyone who ever visited Portland knows that the inhabitants of this city are simply fascinated with canines so much that even some of the local beers have dog inspired names. Winter Wonder Dog and Dog Day are just two examples of just how far their fascination for dogs goes.


Now for the European dog hotspot London is a most definite must visit. Sure, there are other dog-friendly amazing cities on the old continent as well (in fact most of them are) like Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona, but you have got to start somewhere. In London, there is a great abundance of dog friendly hotels, parks and events so just make sure that you pack enough NexGard and embark on this incredible adventure. This unbelievable city is a place that both dogs and owners tend to return to year after year.

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As you can see, our world is getting more and more dog-friendly by the hour. In just a couple of years, some places will literally require you to bring your dog along, but even today your options are wide open. Sure, no list of the top 5 destinations for dog lovers is elaborate enough to include all the places that are worth visiting with your pet, but going to any of the aforementioned locations will most definitely not be a decision that you will ever come to regret.

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