Top 5 Delayed Flight Time Killing Tips

Probably your least favorite part of traveling: pulling into the airport, ready to catch your connecting flight to some exotic destination, only to find out that it’s been delayed. Sometimes you get lucky, and you only have to wait for an hour or so. However sometimes you find yourself sitting in the terminal, watching the delay timer tick up and up as new problems are discovered, only to be told that the airport is closing and that you should find a hotel. They’ll try again tomorrow to get you on a flight. If you’re not traveling to a time-sensitive meeting, boredom is the greatest harm done by these unending flight delays. Here are my top 5 delayed flight time killing tips that you can do to combat that boredom.

Delayed Flight Time Killing

Top 5 Delayed Flight Time Killing Tips

Read a Book

Bringing a book sounds obvious, and often times it is. However only once you’ve been sitting in an awkwardly padded airport seat for an hour. The trick is to plan ahead. Assume the worst: your flight could be delayed overnight, and pack a fun book just in case. Bringing two along might not be a bad idea if you’re a speedy reader.

Peruse the Airport

Pretty much every major airport in America is its own self-contained shopping mall, museum, and food court. You don’t have to spend any money on overpriced airport products to get a kick out of browsing.

Airports are catching on to the fact that they need to keep delayed passengers entertained. That’s why airport art exhibits are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re lucky enough to be stuck in the Denver International Airport, you can check out some of the spooky conspiracy theories behind its artwork. Just watch out for the illuminati!

Delayed Flight Time Killing

Get Compensated for Your Time

Having your flight delayed is not fun. It’s even less fun if, for you, time is money. This is certainly the case for many frequent fliers who travel to Europe for business. Whether you’re on your way to an important business meeting or you could’ve been doing something better with your time, odds are that you’ve got a shot at some kind of compensation under EU law. At the very least, it’s something to look into while you’re staring at the flight status screen.

Play a New Game on Your Cell Phone

If you’re lucky enough to claim one of the coveted electrical sockets in airport terminals, then you can get away with some Angry Birds or whatever the newest gaming hit is. If you’re not so lucky, you could always try some crazy alternative ways to charge your phone. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

top 5 Delayed Flight Time Killing

Take a Tour

When it becomes pretty clear early on that your flight isn’t going anywhere soon, it’s definitely worth it to skip out on the airport and spend your time in whichever city you’re grounded in. Once you’re free of the stuffy airport and all its overpriced goodies, you can get a jumpstart on your vacation in the city.

Since New York City sees the longest flight delays at its two airports, LaGuardia and JFK, it’s not a bad idea to pick up on some free things to do in New York.

top 5 Delayed Flight Time Killing

Delayed flights are no fun for anyone. But with the right ideas and a positive outlook, you can have a little fun with these top 5 delayed flight time killing tips.

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