Top 5 Cities Offering the Best Nightlife Experience

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Your brain may be in control during the day, but at night your soul comes alive and flourishes. Especially if your nights are as vibrant and thrilling as those experienced across the world’s party centers. Celebratory partying lets people leave their routines behind, shed their masks and let the buzz take over their parched spirits. It is an essential form of catharsis triggered by cross-cultural hedonism. Loud thumps of bass, neon-splattered raves, shots of something strong and the universal language of dance; all are part of the holistic nightlife experience.

If you’ve been sitting on an international party-plan with your peeps, set it in motion now before the dullness of the year sets in. Go out and rejuvenate among the extraordinary festivities. Partake of the unique “drink and spill” carousals, and come back home with a fresh outlook. This post will look at five of the best around-the-world cities to offer you a brilliant nightlife experience. Check them out below.

Bangkok, Thailand

This elegant capital hosts a number of nightlife attractions. They range from the dancing bars off Sukhumvit to the legendary Khao San Road, which is the ultimate backpackers’ hub. Bangkok is filled with kaleidoscopic merchandise, tasty pad thai and lady-boy gawking. There are swanky nightclubs, the neon-laden Soi Cowboy (featured in “The Hangover” series) and infectious energy.

You can literally find travelers from all walks of life here, mingling with the locals. Once the evening sets in, Bangkok takes on a whole other persona. It has sizzling street food, “chon keaw” greetings, rooftop romance, and raucous ping-pong shows at the infamous Walking Street. So, if you’re looking to dabble in a nightlife scene you can’t un-see, then Bangkok is your game.

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Ibiza, Spain

It’s not for nothing that Mike Posner based one of his catchiest songs on this never-ending-party island. Yes, Ibiza is a mecca for party hounds and an ideal spot for novice clubbers.

It does not simply offer you an array of bars or pubs to blow off some steam. No, it gives you an out-of-body techno experience—attuning electro music to the very beats of your soul. Pacha, with its cocoon-like décor, hosts Wednesday techno nights. Here all the best EDM DJs are invited to stimulate a crowd of thousands. Other than this, there are multiple boat parties carrying clubbing out to the sea. It is a hard-to-miss deal, which you should book in advance over your internet connection, just in case.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The locals of this city pride themselves on indulging in an ultimate nightlife rave. They host after-parties upon after-parties until the sun peeks out and puts the crowd in a slow slumber.

Once there, you can start your night by sipping the crafty cocktails served by the laid-back Doppel. Or rub with the high-class at Jet Lounge. Then, head out to Palermo’s secretive speakeasy Harrison (hidden beneath Nicky NY Sushi) and ask about their “wine cellars.”

There’s a speakeasy behind a flower shop as well, going by the name Florería Atlántico. If you are in the mood for some live music, Makena Cantina Club should be able to satisfy your yearnings. For warehouse-style raw partying, go to Rosebar or Club 69. Moreover, any Argentinian nightlife experience cannot be complete without a tango scene on Maldita. Sounds tangy, right?

Montreal, Canada

If you are more of a sophisticated epicurean, then Montreal is a great place for you to start your celebrations. Besides French colonial architecture and Québécois culture, this city has a clean atmosphere. Indulge in free-flowing brewery tours, elegant dining lounges and the downtown bar scene, especially at Rue Crescent. Don’t forget to visit The Village with its vivacious LGBTQ-positive scene. And don’t miss Le Saint Edouard for its DJ acts and Don B., because that’s what dreams are made of.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Besides the artistic heritage and the gable-face streets, this capital city is famous for its music scene, glitzy nightspots and dancing festivals. The BOX is an eccentric place that features sensational events all year round for music enthusiasts such as yourself.

Apart from this, Club Up is a hot stage for young and talented DJs who showcase their talent for visitors checking out the De Kring art club. In central Amsterdam lies AIR (known for its VOID system and a spectacular LED show). Not to miss are Escape (where elegance meets excellence) and Melkweg (cinema, theatre, and café combined in one).

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience to tick off your bucket list, then check out these cities notorious for it.

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