5 Most stunning Camping Locations in NSW

If you are looking at getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, New South Wales in Australia is blessed with many great opportunities for your next camping trip. Here is my list of the top 5 camping spots in NSW, Australia includes the South Coast, Turpentine Camping Area, and many more that are guaranteed to blow you away.

Top 5 Camping Spots in NSW, Australia

South Coast

The NSW South Coast is a great location to go camping. It is one of the stunning places in the Australian Landscape where the Bush meets the Sea. This means there are many amazing camping sites right in the middle of National Parks, full of wildlife and amazing scenic bush walks with striking views – everything you would need in order to make a great camping trip.

Top 5 Camping Spots in NSW: Double rainbow refections NSW Australia
Double rainbow refections NSW Australia: Photo Hai Linh Truong / CC BY 2.0

Lake Macquarie

On the Central Coast of NSW is a fantastic spot for a camping or caravan holiday for the whole family. Lake Macquarie is an ideal location for water and nature lovers alike with the Toowoon Bay Holiday Park with absolute beach front locations to stay and the Bouddi National Park to explore.

Top 5 Camping Spots in NSW: Lake Macquarie Sunrise
Lake Macquarie Sunrise: Photo Andrew Fysh / CC BY 2.0

Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy Falls in the Kangaroo Valley on the South Coast of NSW offers many stunning locations to pitch a tent and ‘get back to your roots’ so to speak. With stunning pristine white sand beaches and 34 national parks there are so many activities to fill your camping holiday with that you’ll have a hard time running out. The area is also famous for its sea life with great whale watching opportunities and fur seal colonies living in the area.

Top 5 Camping Spots in NSW: Fitzroy Falls:, Kangaroo Valley
Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley: Photo Andrew Fysh / CC BY 2.0

Turpentine Camping Area

Turpentine Camping Area, Olney State Forest, on the NSW Central Coast, is a beautiful camping spot in the Watagan Mountains. The area has numerous bush walks and camping locations where you can take the whole family. The camping facilities provided are excellent with large all-weather picnic areas with a luscious forest outlook.

Top 5 Camping Spots in NSW: Turpentine Camping Area - Olney State Forest
Turpentine Camping Area – Olney State Forest: Photo Stephan Ridgway / CC BY 2.0

Royal National Park

Royal National Park in NSW, just an hours drive south of Sydney and offers many amazing camping sites within the park. All of these spots have access to the vast network of bush trails that weave through the extensive forests to lead to stunning lookouts over the ocean and rolling hills of the area.

Top 5 Camping Spots in NSW: Camping in the Royal National Park , Bundeena
Camping in the Royal National Park – Nr. Bundeena: Photo Charlie Brewer / CC BY-SA 2.0

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