Top 5 Budget Friendly Travel Tips

Summer is just around the corner! But if your get-ready-for-summer checklist didn’t include “start a travel fund,” we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 5 budget friendly travel tips we’ve gathered to help you vacation on a shoestring this year. All you have to do is pack up your Nissan Rogue 2019 and go!

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1. Stray from the beaten path

Eating in tourist spots results in a higher price tag almost every time. Food and drink near your favorite attraction may be twice the price of places that are more popular with locals. And, sometimes the best food is found where you’d least expect.

On a recent trip to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii we found a great grill. It had earned acclaim as the home of Yelp’s eighth highest-rated cheeseburger in the US. If we hadn’t looked online we never would have found it. Although its address is listed on Ali’i drive, the “strip” of Kona, the restaurant itself is hidden in a building suite set back from the main street. The best part is that this place was the most affordable place we ate in Hawaii! On your next trip be sure to hit Yelp to look for the best food at the lowest price. Then plan to stop on your way to or from your attraction for the day.

2. Dine in

Booking a hotel or Airbnb with a kitchen or at least a kitchenette can really save you money. Try to plan for only one meal a day and keep snacks ready to go at your place of lodging. If you really want to add up savings, pick only one must-visit restaurant at your destination; plan to make the rest of your meals yourself. Then pick the cheapest day and time of the week to go!

3. Use group discounts and online resources for savings

With so many resources online to track down deals, there is no excuse not to plan ahead. Grab as many coupons, bundle deals and group discounts as possible! Groupon is a great way to save on things to do in just about any location. By buying tickets and passes on the internet you can sometimes skip ticket booth lines and save on time too.

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Mountain lake in Montana

4. Be your own guide

There was a time when tour guides were the best way to learn about your destination. But now we have the power of Google. Map out your own self-guided tour ahead of time. Impress your travel companions with the interesting facts you learned in the process. Also, find a reliable vehicle like the Nissan Rogue 2019 to drive to your destination. By doing so you’ll save by not paying for tour guide’s wages or huge transportation costs.

5. Plan ahead and choose wisely

If you aren’t set on your destination yet and you can pick your days off work, put some research into these choices. Place and time frame matter! There are plenty of great places to visit that have a lower tourist cost than others. And traveling on weekdays will almost always save you dollars in comparison to weekends. Within the US, hotel prices tend to be more expensive the closer in the week you get to Friday or Saturday night.

Are you mapping out your itinerary yet? We hope these budget friendly travel tips help you plan a great vacation (or two) with room in the pocketbook to squeeze every last adventure out of your time away. Happy travels!

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