5 Best Places for Photography in Bruges, Belgium

Few towns in Europe are as dazzlingly charming and picturesque as Bruges, Belgium. This gorgeous medieval town in the Belgian province of West Flanders, near the North Sea coast, consists of cobblestone streets, churches and cathedrals, step-gabled guild halls and a dense network of beautiful canals. Although there are literally countless amazing Bruges photography spots, there are a handful that stand out from the rest.

Top 5 Bruges Photography Spots

The Béguinage

Béguinage, Bruges. Bruges Photography Spots
Béguinage, Bruges

The Béguinage in Bruges, officially known as Ten Wijngaerde, is one of the most charming urban areas anywhere in Belgium. Although no Béguines live at the Béguinage anymore, it’s been a Benedictine convent since the 1920’s.

The also-photogenic Minnewater pond and swan-filled Wijngaard square neighbor the area. The Béguinage itself is made up of an enclosed lawn dotted with tall trees and about 30 beautiful white-painted houses. These houses date back to the 1500’s, 1600’s and 1700’s. To top it off, there’s also a Gothic church.


Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges. Bruges Photography Spots
Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges

The Rozenhoedkaai is one of the most beautiful waterfronts in Belgium. This is arguably the absolute most picturesque spot for photography in Bruges, a place where you can take the quintessential picture of the city.

The view from the Rozenhoedkaai—literally “pink hat quay”—is postcard-perfect. It takes in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed belfry, a beautiful canal, a weeping willow tree and gorgeous old buildings.


Minnewater, Bruges. Bruges Photography Spots
Minnewater, Bruges

One of the most romantic spots in Bruges is the Minnewater, known in English as the Lake of Love. This area of water, trees and lawns in the southern part of the historic city center is wonderfully tranquil and peaceful. Historically a man-made dock where, in the Middle Ages, trading ships were loaded and unloaded, it’s now a public park.

One of the most scenic places at the Minnewater is the small bridge that crosses it, called the Lovers Bridge. Swans swimming in the water only add that necessary extra touch to your photos.

Gardens at Church of Our Lady

Bonifacius Bridge, Bruges Photography Spots
Bonifacius Bridge, Bruges

One of the most striking buildings in the entire city, the Church of Our Lady is a major attraction on its own. However, from a photographic perspective, you should focus on the gardens behind it. There, hidden behind a small wooden gate lies one of the greatest photography spots in Bruges.

Crossing a narrow canal, the Bonifacius Bridge, the smallest bridge in Bruges, said to have been constructed from old gravestones, offers a marvelous views of beautiful historic buildings made from stone and wood. This might just be the most photogenic canal in Bruges.

Market Square

Belfry, Bruges Photography Spots
Belfry, Bruges

Last but not least, the Market Square is the architectural crown jewel of Bruges. Surrounded by colorful step-gabled houses, at this majestic square, you’ll find horse-drawn carriages and cobblestones. Those historic houses are photogenic already, but the centerpiece of the square is the towering belfry.

The belfry of Bruges is the most imposing and well-known belfry in the world, 83 meters tall and housing a 47-bell carillon. This is one of the top attractions in all of Belgium, a spectacular edifice that always looks good in photographs.

Have you ever been to Bruges, Belgium? Did you take photos of these top 5 Bruges photography spots?

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