Top 5 Breweries Near Charlottesville, Virginia

The craft beer movement in the U.S. may be a relatively recent phenomenon, the number of local craft breweries—sometimes also referred to as microbreweries—and brewpubs has exploded in the past few years. This is clearly noticeable in central Virginia as well, where there now are about ten breweries near Charlottesville.

Charlottesville is arguably the greatest place to use as a base when visiting this part of Virginia. Home to UVA and Monticello and within striking distance of Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway, this small town surely packs a punch. And there’s nothing like enjoying a craft beer after a fun day of sightseeing and/or hiking.

Therefore, I have compiled this list of my favorite craft breweries near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Top 5 Breweries Near Charlottesville, VA

5. Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery

Breweries near Charlottesville: Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery
Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery

One of the youngest breweries near Charlottesville is Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery. Founded in 2015, this brewery on the side of Route 250 is definitely promising. Housed in what looks like a warehouse, this brewery is spacious and has an interesting collection of craft beers on tap. They don’t sell cans or bottles (yet). A food truck just outside offers welcome snacks, such as barbecue sandwiches, French fries and potato salad.

4. Blue Mountain Brewery

Breweries near Charlottesville: Blue Mountain Brewery
Blue Mountain Brewery

Blue Mountain Brewery is located just off Route 250, on Route 151, in Afton. This scenic farm brewery grows its own hops and brews a variety of delicious craft beers. It’s its setting at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains that makes this particular brewery so visit-worthy. They also have indoor and outdoor seating areas and serve a selection of traditional pub food.

3. Three Notch’d Brewing Company

Breweries near Charlottesville: Three Notch'd Brewing Company
Three Notch’d Brewing Company

Situated on Preston Avenue in downtown Charlottesville, Three Notch’d Brewing Company is a must-visit place for any beer lover visiting Charlottesville. This basic, no-frills brewery serves a wide selection of beers in a simple setting. There are snacks available as well. Try their 40 Mile IPA!

2. Champion Brewing Company

Breweries near Charlottesville: Champion Brewing Company
Champion Brewing Company

My favorite brewery in downtown Charlottesville is Champion Brewing Company. Its located just across the Belmont Bridge from the Downtown Mall. It recently won an award for being “the best place to become a local” in Charlottesville, which indicates its casual atmosphere and inviting setting. This simple brewery has a basic interior and a rather large outdoor seating area filled with benches. I recommend the Stickin’ In My IPA.

1. Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Breweries near Charlottesville: Devils Backbone Brewing Company
Devils Backbone Brewing Company

I think the absolute number one of the breweries near Charlottesville is Devils Backbone Brewing Company. Its headquarters located in Lexington, Devil’s Backbone has a Brewpub in Roseland located on Route 151 (just like Blue Mountain Brewery above). This huge venue consists of a restaurant, barbecue grill, an outdoor taproom, various seating areas, a stage, a meadow and even a campground. It’s hugely popular among hikers and bikers, and regularly organizes events and live music shows on the grounds.

These are, in my opinion, the five best breweries near Charlottesville. If you’ve visited them all and you want to try some more beers, you can also visit the Wild Wolf, South Street and Starr Hill breweries.

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