Top 5 Australian Glamping Destinations

The world is full of amazing nature. It’s all around us, offering some amazing untouched locations and pristine scenes. Nothing makes your stress go away faster than gazing the stars in the middle of nowhere. For these moments, Australian glamping destinations are perfect – its nature is one of the best when it comes to finding something unique and different to experience.

However, you don’t always want to deal with everything nature has to offer. There’s a reason we live in homes with running water, warm and comfortable bed, and no sign of weird animals. Convenience is the king. The good news is that you don’t need to give up on convenience to experience nature. You could just go glamping.

Glamping is when you enjoy nature, while also enjoying the finer thing in life. Like running water and a safe and secure spot to sleep.  But you can also just pop outside and see the wilderness in all of its glory.

In Australia, you have plenty of glamping options – here are the top 5 Australian glamping destinations to visit.

Glamping on the Great Ocean Road
Glamping on the Great Ocean Road: Photo on Flickr by Ronnie Watts / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Australian Glamping Destinations Not To Be Missed

1. Longitude 131, Uluru, NT

If you had to pick one of the most known Australian glamping destinations, you would probably mention Uluru somewhere close to the top of your list. The rock formation is one of the country’s most iconic scenes and a favorite among campers and glampers alike.

1.Longitude 131, Uluru, NT, Australian Glamping Destinations
Uluru, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia by Kgbo on Wikimedia Commons

Longitude 131 offers the opportunity to experience this iconic scene for the latter. The experience is definitely not the cheapest, but you could find opportunities to save online. Nonetheless, it’s also worth the price tag. The tents are positioned to provide you with the best scene of the rock, while also including all the little luxuries you’d want out in the open.

2. Nightfall, Lamington National Park, QLD

Australia has plenty of rainforests to counter that rugged landscape of Uluru. If you want to explore the sounds, smells and the moist heat of the rainforest, you should book the Nightfall experience.

Night Wilderness Camp, Australian Glamping Destinations
Nightfall Wilderness Camp: The hidden spots on Christmas Creek- Tripadvisor

You’ll stay at an open-air safari tent. Not only do you have a comfortable bed to sleep in, but you’ll also experience panoramic views of the national park. You probably can’t take your eyes off the scenery! The best part about this experience is that you can explore the park in the summer and the winter. In the winter, a warming fireplace surrounds the tent. The whole experience is like a spa in the wilderness – if this doesn’t beat your stress, nothing will!

3. Karijini Eco Retreat, Karijini National Park, WA

Karjini Eco Retreat, Australian Glamping Destinations
Credits: Indefinite Leave on

Australia’s many national parks are worth visiting, as the above resort shows. The Karijini National Park offers another great spot for glamping and the added benefit is the ability to do all of it in a sustainable fashion. The Eco Retreat offers a great spot for hiking down the beautiful gorge, while also exploring the nearby waterfalls. The Eco Retreat offers lovely tent-like camping solutions that come with the best amenities and life’s little luxuries. Nonetheless, you truly feel like you are staying in an unforgiving bushland – it’s one of the greatest Australian glamping destinations for feeling one with nature.

4. Paper Bark Camp, Jervis Bay, NSW

How about a safari tent in the middle of eucalypts and a white sandy beach just a stroll away? The Paper Bark Camp is the country’s top glamping spot for those that enjoy the little things. You’ll get to enjoy a bit of privacy, good company and luxurious nature around you.

Paperback Camp, Australian Glamping Destinations
The iconic Paperbark Camp in Jervis Bay by Ben Hutchings on

Now, the safari tents are built above ground to give you a breath of fresh sea air. Each tent has solar lighting and fancy linen to give you some luxury. There are, however, no microwaves and such luxuries. However, you probably won’t miss them as you sit down on the tree top restaurant available for you. The place offers the best balance of modern luxuries and actual camping conditions – it’s definitely one of the best scenes in Australia as well.

5. St Jerome’s – The Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Finally, you could do this whole camping thing a bit differently. Instead of taking your city life to explore nature, why not live like in nature but in the middle of the city? St Jerome’s – the Hotel will help you do just that and really get under the skin of our modern life.

St. Jerome's - The Hotel, Australian Glamping Destinations
St. Jerome’s – The Hotel, Tripadvisor

You’ll be staying on the rooftop of the Central Shopping Centre in Melbourne in a luxurious tent. Take in the Melbourne skyline while enjoying luxurious food and drink. It’s definitely an eye opening way to stay in the city.

Now, when it comes to booking your glamping trip in Australia, don’t forget to visit The platform is home to some of the best offers in the travel market – from travel portals like to individual travel resorts like Starwood Hotels. You should also book early or snatch a last minute deal; this guarantees you save a bit of money with your glamorous trip.

Other than that, remember to have an open mind and enjoy the experience that Australian glamping destinations have to offer!

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