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According to one study, 57% of residents in Queensland enjoy having tourists around. It’s nice to know it has warmhearted locals that will welcome you, but having in mind it is the second-largest state in Australia (7 times bigger than the UK!), you might ask yourself how in the world are you supposed to tour it. Queensland (also known as the Sunshine State) has 14 tourist destinations worth exploring. It is impossible to get to know all of them in just one trip, but you’ll certainly want to make the most of it. From amazing endless coastlines, wildlife, and rainforests, to beautiful landscapes and fun activities – here are the top 5 amazing Queensland sights you don’t want to miss.

Top 5 Amazing Queensland Sights

Visit Lamington National Park

Located on the Gold coast, Lamington National Park has more than 150 kilometers of walking trails. Once you arrive, don’t miss bird feeding at O’Reilly’s: it’s an experience everybody enjoys as you get a chance to touch and socialize with wonderful vivid colored birds, of which parrots are especially beautiful. There are incredible tree top walks that are completely free, but it’s nice to leave a few bucks in the donation box. With over 500 waterfalls, huge trees, amazing biodiversity, and breathtaking wildlife – visiting this national park is definitely worth your time!

Top 5 Amazing Queensland Sights: Climb to Treetops Walk in Lamington National Park, Australia
Climb to Treetops Walk in Lamington National Park: Photo thinboyfatter / CC BY 2.0

Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree rainforest is the oldest one in the world! Consider going on a guided tour and you’ll learn about the trees that are over 1000 years old and amazing biodiversity that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. If you’re more of a self-explorer, there are signposts established through the forest, so you can discover it on your own. Crocodile tour cruises on the Daintree River are frequently organized, so you don’t have to worry about booking. The tour will give you a chance to see and learn about crocodiles, snakes, birds, bugs, and other animals. Don’t miss on out visiting the Daintree Discovery Center! And here’s a fun fact: this rainforest is home to 60% of the total number of Australia’s butterfly species, of which the blue ones are the most famous.

Top 5 Amazing Queensland Sights: Butterfly in the Daintree Forest, Australia
Butterfly in the Daintree Forest: Photo Kae Yen Wong / CC BY-SA 2.0

Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise

Gold coast has an incredible tourist offer, adrenaline raising activities included. Surfers Paradise is a major suburb located in the City of Gold Coast and its name is well deserved. Amazing beaches and surf breaks can be found here, or nearby (e.g. Palm Beach, Rainbow bay). Skypoint climbing is a must travel experience: a highest external Australia’s building (270m) offers you a view that you’ll never forget! There are many camping options when visiting Gold Coast, which will make your stay more adventurous, independent and on the budget. Many people opt for purchasing camp trailers because of the feeling of freedom they provide. Australians usually check out Jayco Caravans for sale since they are the most reputable for offering affordable and high-quality vehicles. Just keep in mind that you cannot simply park your camper van wherever you’d like: there is a strict law that forbids camping on the beach (unless it’s a registered camping area), as well as staying in a caravan overnight by the road.

Top 5 Amazing Queensland Sights: Gold Coast
Gold Coast: Photo Petra Bensted / CC BY 2.0

Great Barrier Reef

If you’re a fan of snorkeling and diving, Great Barrier Reef deserves a place on your bucket list. Yongala Wreck and Osprey Reef are some of the sites you should consider. Known as one of the Australia’s natural wonders, Great Barrier Reef will leave you amazed with extraordinary marine life: corals, various fish species, sea snakes, turtles, and even sharks, dolphins, and whales! If you’re too scared to swim near the whales, you can head to the famous Hervey Bay (the closest town coming from the south) and join a whale watching tour. A short ferry ride from the Hervey Bay can take you to the Fraser Island.

Top 5 Amazing Queensland Sights: Great Barrier Reef Australia
Great Barrier Reef: Photo FarbenfroheWunderwelt / CC BY-ND 2.0

Whitsundays Islands

There is a total of 74 islands in the Whitsunday group that go along the Great Barrier Reef. The Whitehaven Beach is located on the uninhabited island within this group. It has a reputation of being one of the most beautiful beaches of the world: white sand and clear, turquoise water will make you feel like you’re in paradise.

Top 5 Amazing Queensland Sights: Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands Australia
Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands: Photo ilaria / CC BY 2.0

The travel experience and top 5 amazing Queensland sights that are on offer, goes beyond beaches, parties and tourist hot spots. Stare at the stars at the Jacobs Well, visit the Killarney’s heart-shaped pool, explore lava tube systems, and discover other beauties from this part of the Land Down Under.

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