Top 4 Water Sports to Try in Tenerife

With 342km of rugged volcanic coastline that offers everything from clear, calm waters that hide a wealth of amazing sights to undulating waves which never let you down, Tenerife in the Canary Islands is an amazing place for water sports. Whether you’re an avid water sport fan and want to keep up your hobby while on holiday or you’re totally new to sport on the sea and want to give something new a go, here are the top 4 water sports to try in Tenerife on your next vacation.

Top 4 Water Sports to try in Tenerife


Stand-up paddleboarding can be as energetic and challenging or calm and relaxing as you like. If you choose a place with small to medium sized waves, like Punta del Médano; you can really put your balancing skills to the test. Or if you opt for a spot where the water is completely calm, like Playa del Camisón, you can easily skim across the water’s flat surface. For anyone really confident in their SUP abilities, there are even yoga classes held at sea on SUP boards!

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Scuba Diving

Tenerife might not have the kaleidoscope of tropical fish you get in the Red Sea; but there are plenty of incredible things to see if you don your scuba gear and get swimming. There are around 4,500 different marine species that call the water around Tenerife home; ranging from glass fish, lobsters and moray eels to leatherback turtles, starfish and barracudas. In addition to the vast spectrum of marine life; you can also see all kinds of unusual rock formations, caves and sunken wrecks.

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One of the newest water sports to make its way to Tenerife, flyboarding is an adrenaline junkie’s dream. Get into the water, strap yourself into a jet pack and get ready to experience the sensation of flying as huge jets of water push you into the sky. The best place to try this action-packed water sport is in Puerto Colon; and don’t worry about you not being able to get your head around it on your first go. If you can’t fly, you can also use the equipment underwater and cut through the water like a dolphin.

Top 4 Water Sports to try in Tenerife,flyboarding


With blustery winds and large waves almost every day, Playa del Médano is an amazing place for windsurfing. The bohemian resort features a coastline brimming with kiosks; where you can rent equipment and sign up for a class or two to help you get your bearings. The best time of year for windsurfing in El Médano is April to September, when the water is warmest and the waves are most reliable. But thanks to the consistently near-perfect conditions, you really can have a go at any time of year.


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