4 Slovenian Dishes That You Should Try

Every time I’m in a new country, I try to eat local food. There are nothing like sampling local dishes if you want to get to know a new culture. The ingredients that are used in traditional dishes are intertwined with the history of a certain culture or country like nothing else.

Therefore, on my visit to Slovenia this summer, I aimed to try and order at least one local dish for every day we were there.

In this new blog post, I wanted to feature my top 4 must try Slovenian dishes—dishes that you should definitely try too when you visit this gorgeous little country in southeastern Europe.

Top 4 Must Try Slovenian Dishes

Steak with Truffles

Top 4 Must Try Slovenian Dishes: Steak with Istrian truffles
Steak with Istrian truffles

Truffles are a typical ingredient in Istria, a coastal region that extends between Slovenia and northern Croatia. The area is home to large old oak forests, the perfect habitat for truffles. As it is rather difficult to find good truffles, they tend to be on the expensive side. It’s worth splurging on a truffle dish, though, as they taste like no other mushroom you know.

Prekmurian Layer Cake

Top 4 Must Try Slovenian Dishes:  Prekmurian layer cake
Prekmurian layer cake

The Prekmurian layer cake (or gibanica in Slovenian) is a typical Slovenian dessert that is made up of different layers. This hearty dessert contains nuts, raisins, seeds and ricotta.

Veal Stew with Lard and Buckwheat Mush

Top 4 Must Try Slovenian Dishes: Veal stew with lard and buckwheat mush
Veal stew with lard and buckwheat mush

Stews have always been popular dishes in Slovenia, a country with a significant agricultural background. There are many different types of stews, with ingredients ranging from vegetables to veal to even intestines. I tried this veal stew with lard and the typical buckwheat mush at the Vogel Ski Center, before heading out for a hike in the Julian Alps.

Grilled Trout

Top 4 Must Try Slovenian Dishes: Grilled trout
Grilled trout

As a country that is home to many beautiful lakes and streams and rivers, Slovenia loves its fish dishes. And no fish is more typically Slovenian than river trout. After a day in the great outdoors, make sure to order a whole grilled trout with some mashed potatoes. It doesn’t get more Slovenian than this!

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    I have read a lot about Slovenia but these foods are new to me. I hardly travel much at the moment because of my schedule. However, I am willing to visit Slovenia anytime!


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