Top 4 Moscow Must See Attractions

Russia’s capital, Moscow, hasn’t quite recovered its splendor after the Great Patriotic War, but it remains one of the most interesting locations in the world to visit. Travelers can learn about Russia’s military history, grand architecture and enjoyed some of the best performance art in the world. When visiting, consider these top 4 Moscow must see attractions and make the most out of your visit to this great European capital, one of the most photogenic capitals in Europe.

Top 4 Moscow Must See Attractions

The Kremlin

top 4 Moscow Must See attractions,kremlin
The Kremlin

One of the top 4 Moscow must see attractions is the formidable Kremlin. Europe’s largest active fortress, it’s composed of 20 towers, 18 buildings and 5 squares. Visiting them all will likely take a week, maybe even more. Highlights of the compound include the Armory Palace where you can peruse various collections of weapons from Russia and around the world. The Armory also has an exquisite collection of Fabergé eggs. Another worthwhile attraction within is the bell tower dedicated to Ivan the Great. Soaring above Moscow, this 16th century architectural gem contains a massive 64-ton Resurrection Bell, dating from the nineteenth century.

In addition to its reputation as Russia’s most famous citadel, the Kremlin is also the seat of power for the Russian president so prepare to wait in line and be subject to strict security checks. Admission to the Kremlin is around $10 and gives you access to the grounds and Cathedral Square. The Armory Palace has a separate admission fee that costs around $12.

Red Square

top 4 Moscow Must See attractions,,Resurrection Gate, Red Square
Resurrection Gate, Red Square

It’s one of the most recognizable public squares in the world. Located at the heart of Russia’s capital, Red Square is perhaps the city’s most visited attraction. This is where sightseeing for most first time visitors staying in Moscow begin their journey. It’s the spot where many of Russia’s historic moments occurred. The Red Square is where Imperial Russia’s tsars where both crowned and executed and where military parades and political proclamations are often made. The depth of history available at this once public marketplace makes it one of the top 4 Moscow must see attractions.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

top 4 Moscow Must See attractions,st basils cathedral
St. Basil’s Cathedral

No other attraction symbolizes Moscow more than St. Basil’s Cathedral. Its strikingly colorful domes are recognizable from miles and often serve as background for many cityscapes. Built in the 16th century under the rule of Ivan the Terrible, the cathedral has since gone through multiple transformations. Nowadays, it serves as a museum more than a place of worship.

Bolshoi Theatre

top 4 Moscow Must See attractions,bolshoi theatre
The Bolshoi Theatre

A definite Moscow must see is the Bolshoi Theatre. Its reputation as a premiere location to experience performance art goes back centuries. The Bolshoi is Russia’s national theatre and showcases performances of great Russian artists such as Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Stravinsky.

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