Top 4 Gourmet Getaways Near Sydney

Even though going on a gourmet getaway is an old trend, with the rise in popularity of food traveling and food blogging, it is getting even more attention. For all the gourmets out there, this rise in popularity is a great thing, especially due to the fact that they get more reviews, more suggestions and more tips on how to get the most out of this. On the other hand, this is a regional occurrence. So if you plan to go to the NSW, here are several gourmet getaways near Sydney for you to consider.

Gourmet Getaways Near Sydney

4 Gourmet Getaways Near Sydney

Bells at Killcare Boutique Hotel, Restaurant & Spa

This amazing tour gives you an access to a bar and an outstanding restaurant, as well as a series of other fun activities worth trying out. From here, there are several organized cycling tours, a day spa and beautiful surrounding landscapes. Add to this the fact that the place also has a DVD library and free Wi-Fi in public areas and what you’ll get is a true getaway in every sense of that word. As for the gourmet weekend, the poolside menu, breakfast menu and A la Carte menu are all equally impressive and worth trying out.

The Lake House all-day masterclasses


Instead of having others prepare your food, why not enlist on a course that will allow you to enrich your own menu. Sure paying about $240 for this course is not exactly considered as cheap, yet, it’s a one-time experience that’s more than worth it. For people obsessed with food, there’s nothing that can beat the experience of learning how to cook from a master chef. As for the classes you can tend to, you get to choose between seasonal classes (like summer cooking class, autumn cooking class, etc.), masterclasses and much, much more. For a gourmet, the act of tasting, alone, would be worth the effort and money invested.

Hunter Valley wine tours

Australia is a country known for wine, yet, when you look for any list of a famous wine-making region, you’re bound to encounter Hunter Valley near the very top. The choices are numerous, as well, seeing as how you can embark on a daily tour from Sydney, heading out in the morning and returning home in the evening. On the other hand, it’s a lot more convenient to look for accommodation in Hunter Valley and plan your tours from there. This will ensure that you have a headquarters closer by and more time to explore the surrounding. Other than vineyard estates, this will also provide you with access to some romantic escapes and golf resorts, which might make your tour even more interesting.

Four in Hand, Paddington

The next place worth visiting on your next gourmet getaways near Sydney is the famous Four in Hand pub in Paddington. The menu served here is described by many as the inventive modern Australian kitchen and the place has the setting to reflect this, as well. Other than the menu consisting of standard, classical meals like chicken parmy, corned beef with béchamel and crispy skin salmon, this pub also provides some amazing grill items served with the choice of gravy, mushroom or peppercorn sauce. One more thing worth mentioning is the fact that each day has its own scheduled daily special, so those who visit might want to go with one of these recommendations.

In conclusion

Regardless of where you are or where you stay, if you’re a foodie, you’ll find a way to embark on a gourmet getaways near Sydney. This is great, seeing as how a lot of people that visit a region, either resort to fast food or go to restaurants where they can get the same meals like from their home region. This is one of the downsides of globalization, yet, it allows some people to stay within their comfort zone even while halfway across the globe. This gourmet tour, nonetheless, helps you explore and enjoy your stay in NSW to the fullest.

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