4 Great Locations for Your Destination Wedding

Throwing a destination wedding is quickly becoming the new hotness among couples who have saved up to afford one. Taking the festivities to a new country is a great way to make a wedding stand out in the minds of the guests and the couple to be wed. If you’ve got your things packed, your tickets ready, and your smile perfected, here are some great destination wedding locations for you and your significant other to consider if you’re thinking about having your own destination wedding. 

Destination Wedding Destinations in Puerto Rico
Destination Wedding in Puerto Rico: Photo on Flickr by Matt Druin / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Top 4 Destination Wedding Locations

Las Vegas 

In spite of its reputation for quick and dirty celebrity weddings, Las Vegas is still one of the hottest tourist destinations in North America. Couples looking for a city with lots of flare and lots to do after the wedding will thrive in Vegas. Choice destination wedding locations include the rooftops of major hotels like The Four Seasons or The Bellagio, one of Vegas’s many beautiful chapels, or an outdoor venue overlooking the majestic Spring Mountains.

Caesars Palace Night. Destination wedding locations
Caesars Palace at night

Honeymoon activities include spending a weekend in one of Vegas’s many exotic casinos and resorts and sampling the best burgers in Vegas. Plan on spending evenings in a private swimming pool overlooking the iconic Vegas skyline. (Just to be safe, though, there are steps you can take so that a pool chlorine rash doesn’t ruin your first week of married life.)


If the Spring Mountains caught your attention, why not double down and find your way to one of the most incredible mountain vistas in the world. Yosemite is so popular of a destination that the park has taken steps to limit the number of visitors each day, turning cars away once that limit is reached.

Yosemite Valley View. Destination wedding
Yosemite Valley View. Flickr: Mr. Nixter / CC BY-NC 2.0

The valley floor will be beautiful and readily accessible for any wedding, but likely very crowded. Adventurous couples with a strong athletic background may want to consider hiking to possible destination wedding locations or, for those of you who are especially daring, having your ceremony on one of Yosemite’s iconic walls like Half Dome or The Nose.

The South of France

Yeah, it’s cheesy, but you can’t go wrong with the classics. France is home to some great locales such as Valbonne, a picturesque town on the French countryside that’s perfect for couples who want a quiet, out-of-the-way wedding. Consider hosting your wedding on a vineyard just outside of town, giving you the option of wine tasting at the reception. Some possible honeymoons include a European road trip, sailing in French Riviera, or taking a ferry to French-Italian island of Corsica.

destination wedding.
Chartreuse de Valbonne. Flickr: a.otge / CC BY 2.0

A Japanese Wedding

There are many rising tourist destinations in Asia, but Japan has been catering to Westerners for decades and has more experience with it than any of them. Japan also has a wide range of environments for an island; couples have options ranging from a wedding amidst Japan’s world famous cherry blossoms, a city lifestyle unlike anything else in the world, and the definitive mountain skyline in Mt. Fuji. During your honeymoon, you can explore all of these destinations via Japan’s record-breaking maglev train system. Top it all off with world class sushi for a wedding unlike anything else.

Kyoto Arashiyama Mariage Wedding. Destination wedding
Kyoto Arashiyama Mariage Wedding. Flickr: Annie Guilloret / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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